Avril Lavigne A Canadian-French Singer & Songwriter

Songs take us to some other world. Well the appreciation goes to the singers behind their beautiful voice. Avril Lavigne is one of those singers who have mesmerized us and taken us to some other world through her songs. She is a Canadian, born on 27th September 1984. You won’t be able to find this much age on her face though. She isn’t only a singer but a songwriter and an actor too.

Fact: Avril Lavigne writes most of her songs based on her own experiences.Avril Lavigne (1)

Personal Life:

Avril Lavigne dated Deryck Whibley for two years and married him in 2006. They stayed together for four years when Avril took divorce but continued to work with him. Then she came in relationship with Chad Kroeger in 2011. They got engaged after six months. After a ten month long engagement both got married. In 2015, Avril declared separation with Chad on her instagram account.

Music Career:

Avril Lavigne did her stage debut when she was 15 years old. And within a year she got offers and signed a contract with Arista Records with whom she made two albums and earned a great success. When she got 17, she officially made her debut in the music industry through her very first own album Let Go. This album was not less to make her successful and win the heart of the audiences. It formed her reputation in the industry as a pop punk princess. Up till now seven million copies has been sold out of Let Go only in US, besides that twenty million copies has been sold worldwide.

Fact: The song “Slipped Away” in her second album is about the death of Avril Lavigne’s grandfather.

Avril Lavigne (2)Some Highlights:

  • Along with albums Avril Lavigne did single songs as well.
  • Since her debut Avril Lavigne has sold more than 40 million albums and over 50 million singles worldwide.
  • “Complicated” is one of the top singles of her list.
  • Lavigne second album was “Under My Skin” which was ranked as number one in US.
  • Her third album was Best Damn Thing in 2007 from which “Girlfriend” became the number one single.
  • Avril Lavigne fourth album was Goodbye Lullaby which was released in 2011.
  • Her fifth album Epic Records was released in 2013.
  • Avril Lavigne has more than 11 million copies certified by the RIAA.

Fact: Avril Lavigne has been diagnosed with ADHD when she was a child, and she is still suffering from the condition as an adult. She takes Ritalin for it.

Acting and other adventures            :

Besides music Avril Lavigne also entered acting industry and did her debut in Fast Food Nation in 2006. In the same year Avril Lavigne also voiced an animation named Over the Hedge. She also launched her clothes and perfumes. Her clothing line is named as Abbey Dawn.

Lavigne first perfume was launched in 2009 named Black star, second perfume in 2010 named Forbidden Rose, and third in 2011 named wild rose. She has her official website http://www.avrillavigne.com.

I might look like a tough chick and I am but I’m also a hopeless romantic inside, Avril Lavigne says.

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