Shahrukh Khan – The king of Bollywood

Shahrukh Khan (8)

Born on 2nd November 1965, the New Delhi actor named Shahrukh khan is said to be the king of Bollywood due to the amazing acting skills he possess. The 51 year old have made a long successful journey in the filming world of India and strived way too much in order to receive such an amount of fame. The artist ...

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Ranbir Kapoor An Indian Famous Actor & Producer

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor belongs to the famous Kapoor family. He is the son of Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor born in 1982. The star has a strong heritage to own and the acting genes run in the family. He made his debut in 2007 with the film Saawariya. Though the movie could not come up to the mark but his acting ...

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Chris Hemsworth An Australian Actor

Chris Hemsworth (4)

The well-known Australian actor Chris Hemsworth was born on 11th August in 1983. He has marvelous acting skills and mesmerizes his fan following by his performances. He is famous for many characters and the best known character is Kim Hyde played by him in the Australian TV series Home and Away. It was aired in 2004 and even today people ...

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Tom Hardy An English Actor And Producer

Tom Hardy (8)

Tom Hardy is an English actor born in 1977 in London. His mother is a renowned artist and painter named Elizebath Anne. His father is Edward Hardy who is a novelist and comedy writer. He got his early education at Reed’s School. He then went to Drama Center London and at the age of 21 he took part in modeling ...

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Ten Facts about John Cena

John Cena, a professional wrestler and entertainer, born on April 23, 1977.  Cena showed enthusiasm for sports and work-out since his early age. John was fully dedicated to gym when he was only 15. John left Bay State, looking for a new life in California as a muscle-head. To get over there and get settled, Cena had only $500 in ...

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Bruce Campbell “The Evil Dead” Star

Bruce Campbell started his acting career right from his teenage and shortly began making the short Super 8 movies along with his friends. Soon after, he met Sam Raimi in the Wylie E. Groves High School with whom he later became a friend and made movies together. More about Bruce Campbell: Complete Birth Name: Bruce Lorne Campbell. Birth: Bruce Campbell was born in Birmingham, Michigan, ...

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Leonardo Dicaprio Complete Bio

Leonardo Dicaprio, the only kid of his parents which later divorced when he was still a baby was born in Hollywood in 1974, November 11th. His mother got him an agent at age of five after which Leonardo Dicaprio made his debut as a child artist on some Leonardo children’s television show. Leonardo Dicaprio Education: Leonardo Dicaprio went to the ...

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Jared Padalecki An American Famous Actor

Jared Padalecki by Sizzlingsuperstars. Jared Tristan Padalecki, an American actor who was born on 10thJuly, 1982. He was born to Gerald and Sherri Padalecki having his birth place in San Antonio, Texas. His father, a polish descent while mother has Scottish, French, English and German ancestry. Jared Padalecki rose in Texas and received fame in the start of 2000s soon after he made ...

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Grant Gustin Biography

Grant Gustin, complete name Thomas Grant Gustin was born on 14th January, 1990 happens to be an American actor plus a vocalist. He is re-known for his famous roles such as Barry in Allen/Flash  and as Sebastian Smythe in the CW series The Flash and the Fox and glee respectively. Grant Gustin – Biography: Grant Gustin History: Born in Norfolk, ...

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John Cena Complete Biography, Facts, Pictures

John Cena biography by The Multi John Cena Was born in 1977 April 23rd. HE is not only a wrestler he is also an actor, a reality television Host and a Rapper. He was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts. Her French mother Carol and Italian father Cena Sr. have four more sons. At first he went to Central Catholic ...

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