Jennifer Lawrence An American Actress

Jennifer Lawrence (2)

Jennifer Lawrence is a multi-talented Hollywood actress known for her roles in the movies like Silver Lining Playbook, Hunger Games, X-Men, Passengers and many more. She won the Oscar for her role in the movie Silver Lining Playbook. How It all started for Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990, in Louisville, Kentucky, to farmer parents who ...

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The Calgary native Elisha Cuthbert is up with the comedy

Elisha Cuthbert (8)

The actress Elisha Cuthbert aired on T.V as Mary in one of the comedy sequel Goon, surrounding the subject hockey: Last of the Enforcers. She was portraying the character of a rowdy drunk person at a bar. She comes up with a wild comment for her brother-in-law Doug the Thug Glatt; right in front his wife, and also her sister. Right ...

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Hooked Forever: Alison Brie and Dave Franco are now married

Alison Brie (9)

Here is the news buzz filled with the buzz of the marriage of the sizzling couple i.e. Alison Brie and Dave Franco. The information pertaining the nuptials are not clear, however, the people associated with the star couple have given a green signal to this news. Revealing further details, it has been seen that Franco got in touch with the ...

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Mila Kunis in News

Mila Kunis (7)

Mila Kunis has been seen in news as she is found in LA making out with his man, Ashton Kutcher in a latest date night. She was seen wearing a shirt bearing a statement Happy Mom Happy Life statement when seen in the Studio City on Wednesday. The actress went on without make-up, coming up with her natural beauty and ...

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Jacqueline Fernandez Photos, Biography, Personal life

Jacqueline Fernandez (2)

A previous Miss Sri Lanka and a Bollywood movie star, Jacqueline Fernandez, born on 11 August 1985, known for her roles in the Bollywood films like Housefull 2, Murder 2, Race 2, Kick and numerous others. How it Started for Jacqueline Fernandez Born in Bahrain, in multi-ehtnic family, to a Sri-Lankan mother and Malaysian father. Fernandez wished to be an ...

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Jessica Parker Addressing Women Work-wear Construct

Jessica Parker (10)

This time at the International Women’s Day, Jessica Parker aimed at addressing the female workwear constructs. She is a diversified personality, i.e. designer, actress, producer and a book publisher. She is a firm supporter of staying confident at one’s personality. Jessica Parker encouraged women for being themselves and live life fully, with respect to their corporate roles. She has been reported ...

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Megan Fox an American model and actress

Born on May 16 (1986), Megan Fox is an American model and actress. The lady is a self-made Hollywood star who worked really hard since a young age to acquire a strong position she is holding today. Megan Fox faced a strict atmosphere at early stages of her life. Her parents got divorced when she was only three. While her ...

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Kim Kardashian – One of the most talented actresses

Kim Kardashian is a prominent social figure and a very professional lady. There is a long list of her professional attributes and the list includes her being a socialite, businesswomen, a model, an actress and a reality show artist. Kim was born on 21 October(1980) in Los Angeles, California. Her father Robert belonging to an Armenian American ancestry and mother ...

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Olga Kurylenko Career, Photos, Personal life

Olga Kurylenko (9)

Olga Kostantinovna Kurylenko, born on 14 November 1979, is a French actress and model. Olga showed up as Bond girl in Quantum of Solace and she also played parts in the numerous Hollywood motion pictures including the movies like Hitman and Max Payne and furthermore in Oblivion. How it began for Olga Kurylenko Born to Konstantyn Kurylenko and Maryna Alyabusheva ...

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Kate Upton – Career, Personal Life, Facts

Kate Upton (5)

Katherine Elizabeth Upton, an American model, and actress was born on June 10, 1992, and spent her childhood in Melbourne, Florida. Kate Upton is broadly perceived for gracing the covers of well-known magazines including the Vanity Fair’s 100th Anniversary issue, British Vogue French ELLE, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, etc. She is also an actress and played roles in many movies. ...

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