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Jason Statham Some Random Facts

Jason Statham, an English actor, is famous for his roles in Lock, Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver. The famous Fast and Furious series has recently introduced this new face in the movie and he was seen in the Fast and Furious Franchise, Furious 7. He has a massive fan following and his intense looks continue to charm his fans. Since his debut he has never failed to impress his fans and there is a lot that people still do not know about Jason Statham. Like there are some very interesting facts that you might actually be interested in knowing. From being in a World Championship to his own stunt man, all is here. We bring you some very interesting facts about this famous actor. Read along and decide yourself how much you know about Jason Statham.

Jason Statham (1)Facts About Jason Statham:

  • Jason Statham was an Olympic driver. Yes! He was. He served as a member of the British National Driving Team. In 1992 he was able to secure 12th position in the World Championship. So with acting skills also come the driving skills too.
  • Jason Statham does not require an assistance of a stuntman to perform his stunts. He is his own stuntman. So you can now recall the famous stunts in The Transporter and know that they are performed all by himself.
  • Mixed Martial Arts is considered the most difficult yet exciting forms of fighting and this actor is an expert of this form. Never fails to impress his fans.
  • So all games fan people out there should know that he is the voice of Sgt. Jason Statham also served in Red Faction III as Shrike.
  • His birth year is still an enigma. Some believe that he was born in 1967 while others claim it to be 1972.
  • Jason Statham is also an expert of Chess. He has played a lot of games with Guy Ritchie and Guy still owes him money.
  • Jason Statham has also put forth his suggestion to make a separate category for Stunt men and they should also be given an Oscar.
  • Despite his not so ‘model-like looks’ he has modeled for French Connection. Lily Anderson, spokesperson for the company said,” We chose Jason because we wanted our model to look like a normal guy. “His look is just right for now – very masculine and not too male-modelly”.Jason Statham (2)Jason Statham action Hero

So much how did you know about your favorite Jason Statham? We hope that now having read these facts you know much more about your favorite actor than before.

  Jason Statham (3)Jason Statham smile

Jason Statham (4)

Jason Statham (5)Jason Statham shades

Jason Statham (6)Jason Statham English Star

Jason Statham (7)

Jason Statham (8)Jason Statham in suit

Jason Statham (9)

Jason Statham (10)Jason Statham Pictures

Jason Statham (11)Jason Statham in action

Some Interesting Facts About Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is a Big Name in the movie industry. His appealing personality and looks has led to a massive fan following and he continues to charm his fans. He was born on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. He has been married thrice and has three children among which 2 are adopted

Note: Suri Cruise is his own daughter.

Here are some very interesting facts about Tom Cruise that you might be oblivious to know.

Tom Cruise (1)Facts about Tom Cruise:

  • Did you know that Tom’s whole name is Thomas Mapother IV? The name suggests some Royal traces, however, this is not the case.
  • Tom Cruise shared an extreme and excruciating relation with his father. He described him as “a merchant of chaos.”
  • He is a descendant of German, Irish and English ancestry. That is some confusing lineage to keep a track of.
  • Tom Cruise experienced bully in schools and changed 15 schools within a span of 12 years. He has a tormenting childhood.
  • Did you know that Tom used to play floor hockey? But then he stopped due to his injury in which he injured his front teeth.
  • He was raised as a Catholic and at some point he wanted to become a priest. As of now he practices Scientology. His first wife introduced him to this belief.
  • In High School he performed in Guy and Dolls and it was then that he was attracted to the glamour and charm of Hollywood.
  • Before getting his debut movie he used to work as a porter and bus boy. Doesn’t seem true right?
  • Tom Cruise recurring role in Mission Impossible movies has given him a worldwide fame but in real life he became a hero when he saved a woman from being mugged in London. He chased the bad guys on the streets away from his bodyguards.
  • Little do people know that Tom used to wear braces in 2002. He used to take them off while shooting. The rest can be left to the imagination.
  • Tom Cruise has topped the Forbes list of powerful men twice. He is the only Hollywood actor who has managed to do so.
  • Do you know that there is a country who has actually named one of the days as “Tom Cruise Day”? Yes, it is true. Japan has exclusively named 10th October as “Tom Cruise Day” because he is the only Hollywood actor who has paid maximum visits to the country.

So these were some of the interesting things that you might not be knowing about Tom Cruise before.

Tom Cruise (2)

Tom Cruise (3)

Tom Cruise (4)Tom Cruise stunnning smile

Tom Cruise (5)Tom Cruise Pictures

Tom Cruise (6)Tom Cruise facts

Tom Cruise (7)

Tom Cruise (8)Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise (9)

Tom Cruise (10)Tom Cruise shades

Tom Cruise (11)Tom Cruise Hollywood hottest star

Fast & Furious Facts

Fast & Furious is an action series based on car racers and their lives and various circumstances surrounding their passion i.e. car racing. So far 7 movies of this franchise have been released and have grossed millions all over the world.

Following are some of the facts that you might like to know about the action pack movies of this franchise. Let’s have a look.

Fast & Furious (1)Facts you didn’t know about Fast & Furious:

  • In the end of the first film an iconic 1970’s red car is drove by Vin Diesel. The red car is seen in many shots of the franchise and other cars were also used. During the shoots Vin Diesel’s infant daughter was born so he gave one of the cars to her.
  • Brewster and Rodriguez were casted in the film but they did not know how to drive so they had to get their licenses in order to join the cast.
  • The character in the film named as the Luke Hobbs was initially written for Tommy Lee Jones or Josh Brolin.
  • Until Rodriguez saw the twist ending during a screening of fast five, she had no idea that her character was still alive.
  • Until Fast & Furious 6 the character Letty and Brain didn’t actually speak to each other.
  • In the Fast & Furious Franchise Dame Helen Mirren wanted to be the mad driver.
  • The Skyline GTR was Paul Walker’s personal car in the Fast & Furious
  • In the Fast Five the car chase scenes of Rio de Janeiro were actually shot in Puerto Rico.
  • Fast & Furious was originally inspired by a magazine story.
  • The title of the movie ” Fast & Furious ” was purchased by a B movie director.
  • Real street racers were used for most of the scenes of the movie.
  • They used some techniques to shot the movie for it was a big budget studio. Some places in Tokyo doest grant filming permits so they used some indie techniques there.
  • It was also the first point in time in eight years that Diesel, Walker, and Jordana Brewster had emerged on-screen together since the first film.
  • When they opened casting calls for cars they decided a place where people came with their cars and then filmmaker’s selected them, both the drivers and the cars.
  • Fast & Furious 6 was going to split in two parts early but ultimately the storyline was whittled down sufficient to fit in one movie.
  • The tank scene was to be filmed on London streets but as the Olympics were happening at the same time, they had to shoot some of the scenes in Glasgow and Scotland.
  • Han’s death from Tokyo Drift is caused by Jason Statham’s character which leads directly into the plot of Furious

So these were some of the amazing facts that you might not be knowing about Fast &Furious before. Have fun and enjoy.

Fast & Furious (2)

Fast & Furious (3)

Fast & Furious (4)Fast & Furious Pictures

Fast & Furious (5)

Fast & Furious (6)Fast & Furious cover

Fast & Furious (7)

Fast & Furious (8)

Fast & Furious (9)Fast & Furious 7

Fast & Furious (10)Fast & Furious 6 movie scene

Fast & Furious (11)Fast & Furious Diesel and Late Walker

Some Crazy Facts About Die Hard Movie Series

Die hard was released in 1988 having Bruce Willis as the lead role and Alan Rickman as the Villain in the movie. Movie was released on Christmas breaking the trend of movies like Santa and goofy.

Below given are some crazy facts about Die Hard. Let’s have a look.

Die Hard (3)Die Hard Facts:

  • In the final scene of Alan Rickman’s, the stunt included dropping the actor on airbag after counting 3. Here comes a twist! Without informing the actor they planned to drop him on the count of 1 so that the response would be more real.
  • Die hard was the debut film for Alan Rickman.
  • The plaza in which the Die Hard was shot was actually the head quarter of 20th century Fox. For shooting the movie there they paid rent.
  • All the numbers and addresses shown in the movie were actually the number of the Fox Plaza.
  • Die Hard is based on a book “Nothing Lasts Forever” written by Roderick Thorp.
  • Originally, the director was to make the Commando 2 but Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected the role due to which he started his Die Hard project.
  • Bruce Willis (John McClane) got $5 million for the movie. Though, he wasn’t the first one to be offered the role. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the one offered primarily. However, Sylvestor, Burt Reyolds, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere and Mel Gibson were also offered for the role.
  • Whenever Rickman shot the gun, the camera was immediately shifted from his face because he irrepressibly flinched on the sound and flash after the shot.
  • The version of Die Hard which was released in Germany, the terrorists was not defined to be Germans.
  • The movie was shot during the night time, because during the same days he was shooting for his movie “Moonlighting” in the day time.
  • Rickman speaks German at various spots in the Die Hard, whereas his statements lacked proper grammar and spoken.
  • In the scene where McClane shots from under the table in order to kill a terrorist, it caused a permanent hear loss to Willis.
  • The scene in which McClane and Gruber met was not rehearsed. The director wanted it to be more realistic.
  • “Yippie Ki Yay, motherfucker” was used in all five parts of die hard. Originally it was a joke thrown by McClane which was then kept in the movie.
  • In Spain, the movie was titled as “The Glass Jungle”.
  • The scene in which McClane fell down the elevator was a mistake. The first vent was the part of the story but he slipped and fell to the tube.

Die Hard (1)It entertained the audiences very well on the Christmas eve, hitting a great success on the box office. After all, the permanent hear loss deserved something bigger, isn’t it?

Die Hard (2)  Die Hard (4)

Die Hard (5)Die Hard Pictures

Die Hard (6)Die Hard movie scene

Die Hard (7)

Die Hard (8)

Die Hard (9)A Good Dat To Die Hard

Die Hard (10)Die Hard cover

Die Hard (11)Die Hard Bruce Willis

Some interesting fact about Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez made her debut from “Barney and Friends” when she was just seven years old. But her love for acting began ever since she watched her mother going for filming. Selena Gomez was born in Texas and was raised by her mother alone due to her parents’ divorce. She has Italian and Mexican descent. She also appeared in Hannah Montana film as her rival. The Wizards of Waverly Place which aired in 2007 became one of her most popular programs. She also sang a theme song for it (The Wizards of Waverly Place). As far as Selena Gomez school is concerned, though she was also offered a role in High School Musical 3, but she refused as she wanted her fans to take her only as a serious actress.

Selena Gomez (1)Interesting facts about Selena Gomez:

  1. Selena Gomez has her own line of clothing and fragrance in the market. She focuses on designing eco-friendly clothes and quality products. You can also have tags with some of her favourite quotes if you want to.
  2. She is the youngest UNICEF ambassador and is also an animal lover.
  3. Although she was once accused by PETA for one of her music albums in which horses were painted pink; however, she was the active member in saving dogs of Puerto Rico island.
  4. The very first concert of her life that she attended was of Britney Spears. She remarked that while watching the show she felt as if she was on cloud nine. She also believe as if it was the highlight of her life.
  5. Selena Gomez has won more than fifty awards in her singing career and is now the leading singer of the band, released 3 albums already.
  6. So far she has appeared in 17 films as various characters in Hollywood. She also won an award for playback voice in “Hotel Transylvania 2”.
  7. According to Selena Gomez, artists that have inspired her for singing are: Britney Spears, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and, Beyonce.
  8. She learned two British accents for one of her movies; though she did admit the fact that it was quite difficult to learn, but still she outperformed.
  9. In the year 2014, she was listed as the highest paid actress as her combined earnings were more than $96 million.
  10. Selena Gomez’s debut solo album “Star Dance” was also influenced by Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Her recent album “Revival” was influenced by Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera.

Selena Gomez (2)

Selena Gomez (3)

Selena Gomez (5)

Selena Gomez (6)Selena Gomez by the pool

Selena Gomez (7)Selena Gomez elegant smile

Selena Gomez (8)Selena Gomez eyes

Selena Gomez (9)Selena Gomez posing

Selena Gomez (10)

Selena Gomez (11)Selena Gomez (12)Selena Gomez Pictures

Selena Gomez (4)Selena Gomez hot