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Fast & Furious Facts

Fast & Furious is an action series based on car racers and their lives and various circumstances surrounding their passion i.e. car racing. So far 7 movies of this franchise have been released and have grossed millions all over the world.

Following are some of the facts that you might like to know about the action pack movies of this franchise. Let’s have a look.

Fast & Furious (1)Facts you didn’t know about Fast & Furious:

  • In the end of the first film an iconic 1970’s red car is drove by Vin Diesel. The red car is seen in many shots of the franchise and other cars were also used. During the shoots Vin Diesel’s infant daughter was born so he gave one of the cars to her.
  • Brewster and Rodriguez were casted in the film but they did not know how to drive so they had to get their licenses in order to join the cast.
  • The character in the film named as the Luke Hobbs was initially written for Tommy Lee Jones or Josh Brolin.
  • Until Rodriguez saw the twist ending during a screening of fast five, she had no idea that her character was still alive.
  • Until Fast & Furious 6 the character Letty and Brain didn’t actually speak to each other.
  • In the Fast & Furious Franchise Dame Helen Mirren wanted to be the mad driver.
  • The Skyline GTR was Paul Walker’s personal car in the Fast & Furious
  • In the Fast Five the car chase scenes of Rio de Janeiro were actually shot in Puerto Rico.
  • Fast & Furious was originally inspired by a magazine story.
  • The title of the movie ” Fast & Furious ” was purchased by a B movie director.
  • Real street racers were used for most of the scenes of the movie.
  • They used some techniques to shot the movie for it was a big budget studio. Some places in Tokyo doest grant filming permits so they used some indie techniques there.
  • It was also the first point in time in eight years that Diesel, Walker, and Jordana Brewster had emerged on-screen together since the first film.
  • When they opened casting calls for cars they decided a place where people came with their cars and then filmmaker’s selected them, both the drivers and the cars.
  • Fast & Furious 6 was going to split in two parts early but ultimately the storyline was whittled down sufficient to fit in one movie.
  • The tank scene was to be filmed on London streets but as the Olympics were happening at the same time, they had to shoot some of the scenes in Glasgow and Scotland.
  • Han’s death from Tokyo Drift is caused by Jason Statham’s character which leads directly into the plot of Furious

So these were some of the amazing facts that you might not be knowing about Fast &Furious before. Have fun and enjoy.

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