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Ashlee Simpson (6)

Ashlee Simpson An American Singer-Songwriter, Actress, And Media Personality

Ashley Nicolle Naess, famous by her stage name, Ashlee Simpson, born on October 3 1984, is an American music artist, Hollywood actress, and media personality. Ashlee started studying ballet when she was 3. Ashlee was just 11 years old and got admitted into the School of American Ballet, becoming the youngest person to be admitted in the school. At the age of 15, Ashlee started appearing in television commercials. Ashlee had a child named Bronx with Peter Wentz in 2008, but the couple got separated after 3 years of marriage. In 2014, Simpson married Evan Ross, a Hollywood actor. They had a girl named Jagger Snow in 2015. Ashlee Simpson initially got fame with the assistance of her sister, Jessica Simpson.

Ashlee Simpson (7)The Ashlee Simpson family migrated to Los Angeles, California in 1999, as Jessica sought after a singing career. While Jessica propelled her profession, Ashlee started showing up in TV commercials. Her father, Joe, served as her specialist. Wanting to seek after a profession in acting, Simpson had a minor appearance in a scene of movie, Malcolm in the Middle. The next year, in 2002, Ashlee had a little part as Monique in the Rob Schneider’s comedy film The Hot Chick. In 2003, Simpson recorded the single “Simply Let Me Cry” for the soundtrack to the film Freaky Friday. Simpson then, started composing and singing demos, hoping to find a record label. And after the release of Freaky Friday soundtrack, Ashlee managed to seal a deal with Geffen Records for the release of her debut album.

Ashlee Simpson (2)Ashlee’s album single “Piece of me” was a successful hit and managed a place in Top 5 of Billboard Hot 100. In 2004, Ashlee’s debut album ‘Autobiography’ was released and it topped the Billboard 200 albums chart in US. That year, she was also hosting her own reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show. They success of Ashlee’s album was also boosted through that. In 2005, Ashlee got a supporting role in the movie, Undiscovered. In the same year, Ashlee released her second pop-rock album, I Am Me. This album was a same success like the previous was and in the Billboard charts as well. In 2008, Simpson’s third album ‘Bittersweet World’ was released and it was not altogether as successful as the previous ones were. In June 2012, it was reported that Simpson was shooting Pawn Shop Chronicles, a comedy movie. In May 2016, Simpson said “no” to the possible comeback to acting, expressing that she is rather putting all her concentration on making another album.

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Lady Gaga (3)

Lady Gaga An American Singer, Songwriter And Actress

  • The date of birth: 28th March, 1986 in New York, USA
  • Her complete birth name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
  • Her height: 5′ 1″ i.e. 1.55 m
  • Her nicknames are many, including Loopy, Gaga, Germ and Sucra.

Lady Gaga (1)Lady Gaga – A SHORT BIOGRAPHY:

Lady Gaga born in New York city with the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is a multi-talented American artist that is categorized as a songwriter, actress, a singer, as a philanthropist, a great dancer and last but not the least as a fashion designer. She was born in the year 1986 in Manhattan, New York City, to her parents named Joseph Anthony Germanotta, Jr. who happened to be at an internet entrepreneur and Cynthia Louise.

Lady Gaga (4)Lady Gaga’s has an Italian descent while and her mother comes with half French-Canadian, half Italian and English, and Scottish linkage. Lady Gaga had a passion for singing from a very tender age and started playing piano when she was quite young. She went to Convent of the Sacred Heart and was bullied by other students for her appearance that included a small plump figure ad a large frontal tooth and also for her unconventional habits.

At age of fourteen, she performed in clubs and bars while at the age of seventeen she was admitted to Tisch School of the Arts, a university in New York. Late at the age of nineteen, she left parents’ home to take a big move for her singing career and also started a band that grabbed great attention.

Lady Gaga (6)She had a partnership for a short duration with scout Rob Fusari, getting her a name. Later she got to sign Def Jam Records in the year 2006; but unfortunately got her name out of the label right after her first three months. This made her return home, become more passionate and go on drugs at the same time.

In year 2007 Lady Gaga was signed by Vince Herbert to Streamline Records. This was a break through and got her appreciated for her writing skills, paving her way to a great future.

Lady Gaga (7)In 2008 Lady Gaga had her first album out with the title: ‘The Fame’ followed by her mega hit ‘Just Dance’ becoming the song of the year 2009. Later to this hit she received many awards and came up with hits like ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Poker Face and ‘Love Game.

In the year 2011 Lady Gaga came out with her second album titled ‘Born this Way’ receiving even more critical acclamation compared to the earlier release as Lady Gaga unveiled topics like religion, politics and sexuality.

In the year 2012, Lady Gaga came out on number four on Billboard grossing he sum of with sales of Born This Way and because of her Monster Ball Tour. After this there had been no end for Gaga’s fame.

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Vanessa Hudgens (1)

Vanessa Hudgens an American actress and singer

Vanessa Hudgens, also known by her nicknames as Nessa, Baby V, Van, Vanney was born 14 December 1988 in Salinas California, USA. When she was just a toddler her parents moved from Salinas to San Diego. Her mother was an officer while her father was a firefighter. Being inspired by her grandparents, who were also musicians, started serious schooling at arts school. After that Vanessa Hudgens joined high school musical where she started her journey of stardom.

Interesting Facts about Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens (4)Vanessa Hudgens career:

  • Being a very passionate music learner, Vanessa Hudgen started learning music at high School Musical.
  • At the very young age of 8 years, Vanessa Hudgens begin auditioning for several commercials and got selected, here she started her way to acting.
  • Vanessa Hudgens step in acting prompted her parents to move to Los Angeles. Her younger sister also became her companion in singing and acting.
  • Vanessa Hudgens made her first movie named “Thirteen”. The movie gained positive reviews then headed to her second movie named “Thunder Birds”.
  • Like her first movie, Vanessa Hudgens second debut brought her so much of fame.
  • Here she started a journey of fame. Her next and biggest achievement was her movie “High School Musical”.
  • It was the second most watched movie in America. Then Vanessa Hudgens successfully made High school Musical 2 and 3.
  • Furthermore, Vanessa Hudgens appeared in Bandslam, Beastly, sucker Punch, Journey 2 and The Frozen Ground. She also appeared in many campaigns as well as in television commercials.

Achievements and Awards:

In 2006 Vanessa Hudgens won Teen choice Award while in 2010 she won Female Star of tomorrow award.

Vanessa Hudgens (5)Vanessa Hudgens Personal Life:

  • Vanessa Hudgens started dating her first boyfriend, Zac Effron, from 2005 to 2010.
  • Their relationship lasts for five years and remained the hot news in the industry.
  • BBC declared their relationship news a household discussion in America.
  • Her personal life always remained very hot news in Media.
  • In 2007, Vanessa Hudgens was also sued for the breach of contract by a musical company, where she restored her repute by arguing that when this contract was signed she was a minor.
  • Later on, another controversy against Vanessa broke out when her controversial picture were spread over the internet.
  • Being a strong lady, Vanessa Hudgens went through all controversies and became a very famous star not only in acting but also in singing.

Vanessa is also an active volunteer for non-governmental organizations in United States of America. She works as a volunteer for charitable activities.

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Ashley Tisdale (4)

Ashley Tisdale an American actress, singer, and producer

Ashley tisdale, also known as ash, is the glimmering Hollywood celebrity born on July 2, 1985 in New Jersey. She is not just known for her talent in Hollywood but also for her beauty. Ashley Tisdale has an ideal height of 5’3 and beautiful features further brighten up by her blonde hair.Ashley Tisdale (3)

Some facts about Ashley tisdale:

  • She is an American actress, a producer and a singer who rose to stardom after playing as a Maddie Fitzpatrick in The suite life of Zack series of Disney Channel and in the series of High school Musical films.
  • Ashley tisdale popularity in High School film series brought her to the big platforms in her career.
  • Her musical album Headstrong were released in 2007 and brought her fame and of course named number five in billboard.
  • Her second album the Guilty Pleasure released in 2009 and after that Ashley Tisdale started gaining fame by her voice in an animated show Phineas and Ferb in Disney channel.
  • She went completing many shows successfully in a very little age and became a well-known celebrity in Hollywood star galaxy.
  • Ashley tisdale also started appearing in the business promotional campaigns, Television commercials, fashion shows and modeling for numerous fashion magazines.
  • Ashley tisdale has also been nominated for numerous awards in Hollywood award show and also been selected many times and won number of awards for her singing, acting and film production talent.Ashley Tisdale (4)

Ashley Tisdale Known for:

Ashley Tisdale is a very creative artist and she got famous for her mind blowing acting as a little female actress. But her signature role for which she is known is Sharpey Envanse in the high school musical series. Ashley tisdale is also known for her pop style singing. Ashley Tisdale made her distinct by her acting and singing artistry.

Ashley Tisdale’s personal life:

Being very possessive to her relations, Ashley tisdale has a tight bond with her musical school friends. According to Ashley, she doesn’t like clubbing when she is free instead she always liked to work on her music. For Ashley her career has been the first priority since she entered into the world of acting and singing. Ashley met her ex-boyfriend Scott Speer in 2009 to whom Ashley Tisdale broke up in 2011. Started dating her new partner Christopher French (who is a musician) in 2012, and they got engaged in 2013 and finally got married to his beloved partner in 2013.

Ashley tisdale is expecting to continue her musical career with her lead musician husband.

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Lucy Hale (6)

Lucy Hale An American Actress And A Country Singer

Lucy Hale is an American singer and actress and has appeared in a number of series and films. She is best known for portraying the role of Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. The series is famous for its intriguing plot and she gets to play the lead role in the series. Lucy Hale has also won People’s Choice Award for this role. She was one of the five winners of the reality show American Juniors. In 2014, she released her debut album Road Between. With the release of this album she showed her fans the singer that resides in her.

Being a Hale fan you must be aware of her life. This article brings you the facts that you do not know. Hale while away from the lime light has many secrets that this article will make you familiar with.

Lucy Hale (11)Interesting facts about Lucy Hale:

  1. Do you know the real name of Lucy Hale? Her real name is Karen but she is known by the formal.
  2. She also established herself as a country music singer.
  3. Lucy Hale wore braces for about three years.
  4. She has just one real sister and four stepsisters.
  5. Who does not know about the famous series How I Met Your Mother? Well if you are a fan and remember the series then you must know that Lucy Hale appeared in two episodes.
  6. Lucy Hale is a terrible driver. If you do not believe it then please try sitting next to her in a car.
  7. She has an acrophobia that is the fear of heights.
  8. Do you know Lucy Hale has a total of eight ear piercings?
  9. Lucy Hale believes in ghosts and paranormal activity intrigues her.
  10. She is a huge fan of Dolly Parton and wants to meet her.
  11. Do you know about the first thing that Lucy Hale notices in people? It is their teeth. She is obsessed with a set of good teeth.
  12. Though her character in Pretty Little Liars forces her to lie but in real life she does not lie. She says that it makes her anxious to even think of telling a lie.
  13. Lucy Hale has a crush on Adam Broody.
  14. Sadly she has suffered form an eating disorder. She opened up about this in 2012 during an interview.

Lucy Hale has her own personal life when she is away from the lime light and the celebrity life. These secrets that are unraveled in this article show her to be a normal girl.

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