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Ashley Tisdale an American actress, singer, and producer

Ashley tisdale, also known as ash, is the glimmering Hollywood celebrity born on July 2, 1985 in New Jersey. She is not just known for her talent in Hollywood but also for her beauty. Ashley Tisdale has an ideal height of 5’3 and beautiful features further brighten up by her blonde hair.Ashley Tisdale (3)

Some facts about Ashley tisdale:

  • She is an American actress, a producer and a singer who rose to stardom after playing as a Maddie Fitzpatrick in The suite life of Zack series of Disney Channel and in the series of High school Musical films.
  • Ashley tisdale popularity in High School film series brought her to the big platforms in her career.
  • Her musical album Headstrong were released in 2007 and brought her fame and of course named number five in billboard.
  • Her second album the Guilty Pleasure released in 2009 and after that Ashley Tisdale started gaining fame by her voice in an animated show Phineas and Ferb in Disney channel.
  • She went completing many shows successfully in a very little age and became a well-known celebrity in Hollywood star galaxy.
  • Ashley tisdale also started appearing in the business promotional campaigns, Television commercials, fashion shows and modeling for numerous fashion magazines.
  • Ashley tisdale has also been nominated for numerous awards in Hollywood award show and also been selected many times and won number of awards for her singing, acting and film production talent.Ashley Tisdale (4)

Ashley Tisdale Known for:

Ashley Tisdale is a very creative artist and she got famous for her mind blowing acting as a little female actress. But her signature role for which she is known is Sharpey Envanse in the high school musical series. Ashley tisdale is also known for her pop style singing. Ashley Tisdale made her distinct by her acting and singing artistry.

Ashley Tisdale’s personal life:

Being very possessive to her relations, Ashley tisdale has a tight bond with her musical school friends. According to Ashley, she doesn’t like clubbing when she is free instead she always liked to work on her music. For Ashley her career has been the first priority since she entered into the world of acting and singing. Ashley met her ex-boyfriend Scott Speer in 2009 to whom Ashley Tisdale broke up in 2011. Started dating her new partner Christopher French (who is a musician) in 2012, and they got engaged in 2013 and finally got married to his beloved partner in 2013.

Ashley tisdale is expecting to continue her musical career with her lead musician husband.

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Lucy Hale An American Actress And A Country Singer

Lucy Hale is an American singer and actress and has appeared in a number of series and films. She is best known for portraying the role of Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. The series is famous for its intriguing plot and she gets to play the lead role in the series. Lucy Hale has also won People’s Choice Award for this role. She was one of the five winners of the reality show American Juniors. In 2014, she released her debut album Road Between. With the release of this album she showed her fans the singer that resides in her.

Being a Hale fan you must be aware of her life. This article brings you the facts that you do not know. Hale while away from the lime light has many secrets that this article will make you familiar with.

Lucy Hale (11)Interesting facts about Lucy Hale:

  1. Do you know the real name of Lucy Hale? Her real name is Karen but she is known by the formal.
  2. She also established herself as a country music singer.
  3. Lucy Hale wore braces for about three years.
  4. She has just one real sister and four stepsisters.
  5. Who does not know about the famous series How I Met Your Mother? Well if you are a fan and remember the series then you must know that Lucy Hale appeared in two episodes.
  6. Lucy Hale is a terrible driver. If you do not believe it then please try sitting next to her in a car.
  7. She has an acrophobia that is the fear of heights.
  8. Do you know Lucy Hale has a total of eight ear piercings?
  9. Lucy Hale believes in ghosts and paranormal activity intrigues her.
  10. She is a huge fan of Dolly Parton and wants to meet her.
  11. Do you know about the first thing that Lucy Hale notices in people? It is their teeth. She is obsessed with a set of good teeth.
  12. Though her character in Pretty Little Liars forces her to lie but in real life she does not lie. She says that it makes her anxious to even think of telling a lie.
  13. Lucy Hale has a crush on Adam Broody.
  14. Sadly she has suffered form an eating disorder. She opened up about this in 2012 during an interview.

Lucy Hale has her own personal life when she is away from the lime light and the celebrity life. These secrets that are unraveled in this article show her to be a normal girl.

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Paris Hilton A Hollywood Star

Celebrities have always been our inspirations. Talking about Paris Hilton who lives in the hearts of the audiences is the heiress who was a born socialite. Her short lived romances have been the part of everyone’s gossip. She came in this world on 17th February 1981 to an actor mother and a businessman father. She moved a lot in her childhood shifting from one luxury mansion to even more luxurious lodge. Paris Hilton has three sisters Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Barron Hilton and Conrad Hilton.

More about Paris Hilton:

Due to her regular appearance in charity events and fashion shows Paris Hilton had already became a known face of the red carpet. At first she joined modeling under Donald Trump which she loved to do. At the same time Paris Hilton was a center of attention due to her lavish life style.

Fact: On Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday, she threw five parties for herself in New York, Las Vegas, London, Hollywood and Tokyo.

Paris Hilton (3)Paris Hilton Fame:

Paris Hilton key to fame is bit unusual. In 2003, a sex video of Paris Hilton was released few days before the premier of her reality show. It was rumored that Hilton did this as a publicity stunt to attract people for her upcoming show.

Fact: The video included intimate scenes with her Ex-Boyfriend. Video was leaked by him and he earned millions from. Paris Hilton pressed charges against him but the matter sorted out of court and she was given $400,000 for compensation.

Paris Hilton Career:

Paris Hilton’s first movie was “Nine Lives” in which she did a minor role. Her beginning films include Wonderland and Cat in the Hat. She also appeared in low budget reality series.

Fact: The critics said that the movie makers benefitted from Hilton in order to bring their movie to fame as Paris Hilton was a known face among the cast.

After that she appeared in the reality show Simple Lives. Her big screen projects were:

  • The Hillzand Raising Helen.
  • She also published her book named Confessions of An Heiress: A Tongue-in-Cheek Peek behind the Pose.
  • She also appeared in House of Wax (2005), Bottoms Up (2006).
  • She has done a lot in life writing, releasing music album, released own jeweler line and much more.
  • Her other big screen releases are Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008) and The Hottie & the Nottie (2008) and MTV reality series Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

Paris Hilton (2)Paris Hilton Time in Jail:

Paris Hilton got arrested for driving while being drunk in September 2006. At the same time her suspended license dragged her even more in the jail. In June 2007, after living 22 days in Jail she got rid of the case. Once again Paris Hilton along with her boyfriend Cy Waits got arrested in 2010 for possessing cocaine in Las Vegas.

Fact: Paris Hilton underwent extensive plastic surgery, hair coloring and tinted contact lenses in an effort to appear “hot”. Sad, she couldn’t buy that from her money. Especially she couldn’t change what she hates about herself “exceptionally-large feet”.

Currently Paris Hilton is dating River Viperi who is 10 years younger than her. Both met during New York Fashion Week in September 2012. The couple is expected to get engaged soon.

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Miley Cyrus An American Actress, Singer, And Songwriter

Miley Cyrus, the famous American singer and actress is the most exuberant and buoyant celebrity that the entertainment industry has. Her tenure that spans over a decade or probably more than a decade documents her amazing performances. Miley Cyrus is the inspiration of many and has influenced a large number of people due to her performances and philanthropist works.

Miley Cyrus (5)More about Miley Cyrus:

Though the industry knows her by the name of Miley Cyrus but her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. The story behind this name is very interesting. Her father thought that his daughter is destined to bring hope in this world. As a matter of fact she did. Miley Cyrus is the hope for many eyes who await her.

Some early phases of Miley Cyrus life:

Do you know that she grew on a ranch in Tennessee? Due to this she started riding a horse at an early age of two. She was kicked out of a private school but the mystery still remains unsolved. There are many reasons that people have come up. One of the reasons was her stealing habit. She stole her teacher’s scooter. Nothing can be said.

Miley Cyrus (1)Some facts abput Miley Cyrus:

  • It was after watching Mama Mia that she decided to become an actress. Thanks to the show that inspired Miley Cyrus to become an actress.
  • Do you know that Miley Cyrus was born left-handed? It was due to her father’s training that she learned to use her right hand too.
  • Miley Cyrus like many other celebrities has a heart condition called Tachycardia. This means that her heart had a faster beating rate than a normal person’s heart at a resting state. But do not worry this is not life threatening.
  • The Happy Hippie Foundation was founded by Miley Cyrus in 2015. It works for the LGBT community and those who are in need. She is the great supporter of gay rights and makes efforts to get them equal rights in the society.
  • Her famous role Hannah Montana was not offered to her. Initially she was offered the role of Hannah’s best friend Lily. But eventually was given the lead. Can you imagine anyone better than Miley Cyrus in that role? It is just like Jennifer Anniston and Coutney Cox who were offered Monica and Rachel respectively but decided otherwise. The show became a huge hit.

The celebrities like Miley inspire others and set an example in a society to do good deeds.

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Bon Jovi An American Rock Band From Sayreville

Bon Jovi, the founder of the famous band in the rock music is still alive with all its exuberance. Their mesmerizing performances and voices that stir spontaneous overflow of emotions are still remembered by many people and even today the music played by them is enjoyed. Bon Jovi’s music consists of ‘hard rock’, ‘glam metal’, ‘arena rock’ and ‘pop rock’. Bon Jovi is famous for his extraordinary stage performances and has revolutionized the music. The departure from the classic music and the introduction of the new genres welcomed Bon Jovi with zeal and was accepted wholeheartedly. Jon Bovi is the founder of this band and his group members David Bryan and Tico Torres are the oldest members in this band that have been in this band since its formation that is 1983.

Below are some interesting facts about him that you might not be aware of.

Bon Jovi (1)Bon Jovi short hair

Bon Jovi Interesting Facts:

  • Before Bon Jovi, the name was finalized for the band they were going for Johnny Electric. It was due to the advice of the friend who suggested them to follow Van Halen’s example and use their founder’s last name as their Band’s name. In this way Jon Bon Jovi gave the name Jon Bovi to their group.
  • Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel “Fahrenheit 451” inspired the name of his album “7800 Fahrenheit”. This album marked the standard and many singers began to match this meeting point of rock music.Bon Jovi (3)
  • Bon Jovi is the world’s highest selling musician who has sold more than 130 million albums all over the world.
  • Bon Jovi’s work is not limited to entertainment. He founded The Bon Jovi Soul foundation that works for the families who are needy and have fallen in an economic debacle. It was founded in 2006 and fulfills the needs of the poor families.
  • In 2001 Jovi was given an honorary Doctorate of Humanities.
  • Did you know that Bon Jovi skipped school after realizing his musical prowess? Bon Jovi used to miss school just to practice music.
  • Bon Jovi was part of the Star Wars where he sang the famous song of all ages “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. This was his first professional recording.
  • In this way Bon Jovi continues to climb the stairs of success and even today he is remembered and his songs are enjoyed by many people.

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