Some Crazy Facts About Die Hard Movie Series

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Die hard was released in 1988 having Bruce Willis as the lead role and Alan Rickman as the Villain in the movie. Movie was released on Christmas breaking the trend of movies like Santa and goofy.

Below given are some crazy facts about Die Hard. Let’s have a look.

Die Hard (3)Die Hard Facts:

  • In the final scene of Alan Rickman’s, the stunt included dropping the actor on airbag after counting 3. Here comes a twist! Without informing the actor they planned to drop him on the count of 1 so that the response would be more real.
  • Die hard was the debut film for Alan Rickman.
  • The plaza in which the Die Hard was shot was actually the head quarter of 20th century Fox. For shooting the movie there they paid rent.
  • All the numbers and addresses shown in the movie were actually the number of the Fox Plaza.
  • Die Hard is based on a book “Nothing Lasts Forever” written by Roderick Thorp.
  • Originally, the director was to make the Commando 2 but Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected the role due to which he started his Die Hard project.
  • Bruce Willis (John McClane) got $5 million for the movie. Though, he wasn’t the first one to be offered the role. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the one offered primarily. However, Sylvestor, Burt Reyolds, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere and Mel Gibson were also offered for the role.
  • Whenever Rickman shot the gun, the camera was immediately shifted from his face because he irrepressibly flinched on the sound and flash after the shot.
  • The version of Die Hard which was released in Germany, the terrorists was not defined to be Germans.
  • The movie was shot during the night time, because during the same days he was shooting for his movie “Moonlighting” in the day time.
  • Rickman speaks German at various spots in the Die Hard, whereas his statements lacked proper grammar and spoken.
  • In the scene where McClane shots from under the table in order to kill a terrorist, it caused a permanent hear loss to Willis.
  • The scene in which McClane and Gruber met was not rehearsed. The director wanted it to be more realistic.
  • “Yippie Ki Yay, motherfucker” was used in all five parts of die hard. Originally it was a joke thrown by McClane which was then kept in the movie.
  • In Spain, the movie was titled as “The Glass Jungle”.
  • The scene in which McClane fell down the elevator was a mistake. The first vent was the part of the story but he slipped and fell to the tube.

Die Hard (1)It entertained the audiences very well on the Christmas eve, hitting a great success on the box office. After all, the permanent hear loss deserved something bigger, isn’t it?

Die Hard (2)  Die Hard (4)

Die Hard (5)Die Hard Pictures

Die Hard (6)Die Hard movie scene

Die Hard (7)

Die Hard (8)

Die Hard (9)A Good Dat To Die Hard

Die Hard (10)Die Hard cover

Die Hard (11)Die Hard Bruce Willis

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