Jason Statham Some Random Facts

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Jason Statham, an English actor, is famous for his roles in Lock, Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver. The famous Fast and Furious series has recently introduced this new face in the movie and he was seen in the Fast and Furious Franchise, Furious 7. He has a massive fan following and his intense looks continue to charm his fans. Since his debut he has never failed to impress his fans and there is a lot that people still do not know about Jason Statham. Like there are some very interesting facts that you might actually be interested in knowing. From being in a World Championship to his own stunt man, all is here. We bring you some very interesting facts about this famous actor. Read along and decide yourself how much you know about Jason Statham.

Jason Statham (1)Facts About Jason Statham:

  • Jason Statham was an Olympic driver. Yes! He was. He served as a member of the British National Driving Team. In 1992 he was able to secure 12th position in the World Championship. So with acting skills also come the driving skills too.
  • Jason Statham does not require an assistance of a stuntman to perform his stunts. He is his own stuntman. So you can now recall the famous stunts in The Transporter and know that they are performed all by himself.
  • Mixed Martial Arts is considered the most difficult yet exciting forms of fighting and this actor is an expert of this form. Never fails to impress his fans.
  • So all games fan people out there should know that he is the voice of Sgt. Jason Statham also served in Red Faction III as Shrike.
  • His birth year is still an enigma. Some believe that he was born in 1967 while others claim it to be 1972.
  • Jason Statham is also an expert of Chess. He has played a lot of games with Guy Ritchie and Guy still owes him money.
  • Jason Statham has also put forth his suggestion to make a separate category for Stunt men and they should also be given an Oscar.
  • Despite his not so ‘model-like looks’ he has modeled for French Connection. Lily Anderson, spokesperson for the company said,” We chose Jason because we wanted our model to look like a normal guy. “His look is just right for now – very masculine and not too male-modelly”.Jason Statham (2)Jason Statham action Hero

So much how did you know about your favorite Jason Statham? We hope that now having read these facts you know much more about your favorite actor than before.

  Jason Statham (3)Jason Statham smile

Jason Statham (4)

Jason Statham - Jason Statham ShadesJason Statham shades

Jason Statham (6)Jason Statham English Star

Jason Statham (7)

Jason Statham (8)Jason Statham in suit

Jason Statham (9)

Jason Statham (10)Jason Statham Pictures

Jason Statham (11)Jason Statham in action

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