Kate Winslet An English Actress and Singer

Kate Winslet, the girl who did her debut when she was only 11 years old is still rocking the red carpet with her astounding beauty. Capturing hearts of infinite fans she keeps on climbing the road of success. The lady was born in October 5, 1975. She is not only an actor but a singer as well. She spent her childhood in Berkshire where she was born and studied drama since the age of 11. She also became the head girl in that school. Her mother Salle Anne was a bar maid and her father Roger John Winslet was a pool contractor. She has 3 siblings, a brother named Joss Winsle, and two sisters namely Beth and Anna.

Kate Winslet (3)Kate Winslet – Biography:

Personal Life:

Kate Winslet first relationship was with Stephen Tedre whom she met on the sets of TV series Dark season in 1991. They remained in relationship for four and a half years. He died in the opening week of Titanic due to bone cancer. Kate Winslet missed the movie’s premier in Los Angles to attend his funeral in London. In 1997 Kate Winslet met the director Jim Threapleton during the shooting of Hideous Kinky. They married in 1998 and got a daughter in 2000 named Mia Honey Threapleton. The marriage failed and they got divorced in 2001.

After separating from Jim Kate Winslet got in relationship with the director Sam Mendes in the same year. They got married in 2003 and gave birth to a son named Joe. The couple separated in 2010 and got divorced in 2011.

Then Kate Winslet dated Louis Dowler in 2011. In the same year, she met a business man Ned Rocknroll on Necker Island and they soon started to date. They got engaged in 2012 and then got married in a private ceremony in New York 2012. Their son named Bear Blaze was born in 2013. Ned was previously married to Eliza Pearson.

Kate Winslet (5)Kate Winslet Career:

Kate Winslet has done plenty of movies and at the same time nominated and received abundant awards. Some of the highlights of their career includes:

  • In 1991 she did her debut in TV fiction serial.
  • Kate Winslet did her singing debut in 1992 in Casting Call.
  • Kate Winslet also appeared in What the Butler Saw in same year.
  • Then she did a second leading role in Sense and Sensibility. The movie was a huge success and brought many awards for Winslet.
  • In 1996 Kate Winslet appeared in two movies i.e. Jude and Hamlet.
  • Then in 1996 she started filming Titanic which was no doubt a huge success.
  • In 1999 she starred in Hole Smoke.
  • Then she came up in Quills in 2000.
  • Her next film was Enigma in 2001.
  • The Life of David Gale (2004) was the next film drama in which she appeared.
  • Then she starred Finding Neverland in 2005.
  • Kate Winslet also appeared in a comedy series named Extras.
  • In the same year she appeared in Romance and Cigarettes.
  • In 2006 Kate Winslet came up in All the Kings’ men.
  • Then she appeared in “Little children” followed by The Holiday.
  • After that in 2008 she reunited with Decaprio and came in Revolutionary Road.
  • In the same year she started The Reader.
  • In 2011 Kate Winslet came in a HBO series Mildred Peirce and a movie Contagion.
  • In 2013 she appeared in the movie Labor Day.
  • In 2014 she came in Little Chaos
  • In 2015 she did a first sequel named The Divergent Series: Insurgent.
  • In 2015   Kate Winslet came in Steve Jobs and The Dress Maker.
  • In the current year i.e. Kate Winslet movies include Triple 9 and Collateral Beauty.

It’s not over yet, Kate Winslet is into two more projects and will keep on rocking the Cinemas and our hearts all along.

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