Kristen Stewart Biography

The very well known “Isabella Swan” a.k.a. Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles on 9th April 1990. Her parents also worked back screen. Her father John Stewart is a TV producer as well as stage manager in FOX networks. She went to school till the age of eight and then completed her studies along acting. Stewart took part in many plays in her school. Her mother is Australian. She is also a script writer.


  • She likes to play guitar.
  • She spends much of her time surfing.


Kristen Stewart (1)Kristen Stewart Career:

Kristen Stewart began her career when she was spotted in school while acting in a Christmas show. She did her debut under Disney productions where she played a non-speaking role in “The Thirteenth Year”. After that she played a role in “The Safety of Objects” where her character was of a tomboy daughter. Then she did a movie “Panic Room” which was a great success. The next movie she took part in was a thriller “Cold Creek Manor” which couldn’t succeed as much as panic room. Her first lead role was in “Catch the Kid” which was an action comedy for teens. Her next lead role was in “Speak (2014)” where she played as a rape victim. She was highly appreciated for her performance in that movie despite of few lines for her character.

In 2006 Kristen Stewart  did Zathura a fantasy movie. In the same year she appeared in “Fierce People”. Then in 2007 she was seen in the “Land of Women” subsequently in “Into the Wild” which was appreciated by the viewers. Later on 2008 Kristen Stewart appeared in “The Yellow Handkerchief and “The Cake Eaters”. Then she did the most appalled character of Isabella Swan in the Twilight series which was already too much awaited by the audience. American Ultra, Still Alice & On the Road were her movies in the following years. She appeared in Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012 which did not go so successful at the box office.

Kristen Stewart Personal Life:

Kristen Stewart kept her personal life quite low profile. Her first affair disclosed was with Michael Angarano who was her costar in “Speak”. When she started working in the twilight series she got in relationship with her costar Robert Pattinson. At first the relation was kept low profile. They did not expose their relationship in front of paparazzi but various evidences were found to confirm that they were in a relation. Then they officially announced their relationship in July 2012. Whereas in 2014, Pattinson declared that they had broken up with one another. In 2015 Kristen Stewart dated a French actress and musician Soko which was confirmed in March 2016. Whereas in May 2016 it was declared that they broke up after few months of dating.

Kristen Stewart (2)Few Facts about Kristen Stewart:

  • Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson while doing the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman”. She was found kissing and hugging the married director of the movie. Photos were found all over the web. Later on she apologized Pattinson publically.
  • The couple split up for a while and patched up again. Though they broke up in 2013, since then they were never seen together.
  • The couple was the fifth highest paid couple during the twilight series.
  • Kristen Stewart was nominated for the rising young talent for all of her first three movies. In the third one she received the award.
  • Kristen Stewart wore brown contact lenses in the first four parts of twilight because she had green eyes naturally and the character required brown. In the fifth and the final part she wore red contact lenses as per the requirement.
  • She can play guitar but she doesn’t do it for others, just for her own ears.
  • Kristen Stewart demanded a share in the twilight series’ total profit and so she got.
  • She did homeschooling from 9th to 12th grade and got her high school diploma during her acting career. She was doing her movie Twilight Saga when she got her diploma.
  • Two of her brothers are adopted and one is her biological brother.
  • Getting raised among brothers made her feel as a boy in her teenage. Now she got the feeling of a woman (Kristen Stewart disclosed in an interview).
  • She sang in two of her movies “Into the Wild” and “Runaways”. She played guitar herself in the two songs.
  • Kristen Stewart loves Flaming Hot Cheetos.
  • In the movie “Panic Room” she replaced Joddie Foster.
  • Emile Hirsch recommended for Kristen Stewart as the lead role in Twilight series.
  • When her 18th birthday scene was being shot in “New Moon” , she actually celebrated her 19th
  • Her favorite scene in the “Twilight” is when Taylor puts off his shirt in front of her father.
  • When the couple (Kristen Stewart and Pattinson) was given the best kiss award at MTV they mocked to on for a kiss and at the very last moment Stewart pulled off facing the audience saying “Thank you so much!”
  • Her first appearance on vogue happened in 2011.
  • Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart are very close friends.
  • She loves baking.
  • Kristen Stewart has been nominated as the “Sexiest Woman in the World” three times.
  • After the twilight series Kristen Stewart kept all the rings that were given to her for the movie which included the moon wing and the wedding ring as well.
  • Stewart has two houses in Los Angeles where she spends time when free from her movies.
  • When she had to play a role of a stripper in “Welcome to the Rileys” she went to the New Orleans strip club and learned the pole dance which caused bruises on her leg.
  • Her favorite song is “Love is Pain”.
  • Kristen Stewart family has wolves as pets.
  • During the shooting of Snow White and The Huntsman her hand got injured due to which the shooting was briefly shut down.
  • Slouchy trouser is her favorite style to go.
  • Kristen Stewart wishes to continue her college.
  • She finds it cheap talking about her personal life in front of public.

Although her parents were already into filmmaking yet she never planned of getting under the spotlight. Choosing acting as a profession was just what happened naturally. Yet she loves what she does keeping her personal life undercover.

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