Leonardo Dicaprio Complete Bio

Leonardo Dicaprio, the only kid of his parents which later divorced when he was still a baby was born in Hollywood in 1974, November 11th. His mother got him an agent at age of five after which Leonardo Dicaprio made his debut as a child artist on some Leonardo children’s television show.

Leonardo Dicaprio Education:

Leonardo Dicaprio (2)Leonardo Dicaprio went to the John Marshall High School for Enriched Studies but never destined a remarkable career in academia. At the age of fourteen he came up with a commercial of the Matchbox car followed by a couple of short TV shows, managing to grab ‘Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor.’

Leonardo Dicaprio Debut:

Leonardo Dicaprio (4)Leonardo Dicaprio an American Superstar

Leonardo Dicaprio made his movie debut in the year 1991 with direct-to-video horror ‘Critters 3’ that indirectly got him a regular role in television’s ‘Growing Pains’. He reached stardom as he got the main role in 1993 in ‘This Boy’s Life’ selected by Robert de Niro. Leonardo Dicaprio also grouped with Johnny Depp to play a teenager having learning issues at ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’

Leonardo Dicaprio – Career:

  • In the year 1996, Leonardo Dicaprio played a key role in ‘Romeo and Juliet’, one of the biggest hit owing to the fact that it contained original dialogues of Shakespeare; however, it was overtaken by an even bigger hit ‘Titanic’ (which till the year 2010 remained the biggest grossing film).
  • In the year 1998 Dicaprio played his part in Woody Allen’s ‘Celebrity’ and also had a role in ‘The Man with the Iron Mask’ that besides negative critics remained a success on box-office. For 200 he appeared as lead in ‘The Beach’, a theoretical success.
  • In 2002, Leonardo Dicaprio was part of Stephen Spielberg’s ‘Catch me if you can’ followed by ‘The Aviator’ in 2004.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio’s collaboration with Martin Scorsese was in year 2006 for a thriller, ‘The Departed’ along with Matt Damon.
  • The movie ‘Blood Diamond’ got him his third nomination for Academy Award nomination.
  • In 2008, Leonardo Dicaprio appeared in ‘Body of Lies’ with a flavor of 1970s having mediocre reviews.
  • Later in this year Leonardo Dicaprio starred against Kate Winslet in ‘Revolutionary Road’.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio and Scorsese joined up for a third time in one of the success movies of his career i.e. ‘Shutter Island’ in the year 2010.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio also played the role of Dom Codd in the same year for Christopher Nolan’s thriller ‘Inception’ that received great appraisal from both critics and public, altogether.

Leonardo Dicaprio titanicLeonardo Dicaprio in Titanic  Leonardo Dicaprio award  Leonardo Dicaprio with his awardLeonardo Dicaprio (5)Leonardo Dicaprio beard

Leonardo Dicaprio (6)Dicaprio the titanic star

Leonardo Dicaprio (7)Leonardo Dicaprio beard

Leonardo Dicaprio (8)

Leonardo Dicaprio (9)Leonardo Dicaprio smile

Leonardo Dicaprio (10)Leonardo Dicaprio Pictures

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