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6 Amazing Tips to Incorporate Pink in Your Home

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Pink in Your Home

Pink is the colour that’s usually considered as dainty and girly. It’s the colour that has a difficult time proving itself as a genuine competitor when it comes to decorating the home. But times have changed and everything from fashion to fine dining has shifted to a rosier outlook. 

Pink is actually a versatile colour and utilizing it in your home decor doesn’t necessarily mean that space is “girly.” It depends on how you display it so your home can nicely and effortlessly display unique pink door. This colour can be masculine and historic as well. Designing your home with this colour can give a captivating complexity. In this article, we are going to share with you tips for finding the ideal shade of pink you want to use and how to use it as an unexpected statement in your home. 

Use One Bold Pink as Decor Piece 

10 Bold Pink and Navy Rugs for Home Decor | Home decor, Decor ...


It doesn’t matter what colour you use for your statement piece because any would be fine. Bold pink home decor in your house is no different! For instance, a pink sofa can be the main focus of your living room because of its size and because it is normally one of the most utilized items internally. It’s the same with its neutral sofa counterparts, a pink sofa can be tailored in any way you wish it. The options are unlimited from tropical, boho, glamorous, minimalist, vintage, eclectic, and many more. 

Use a Light-Pink Shade for Sophistication 

How To Decorate A Pink Bathroom


Want to add more sophistication into your home? You may use a light-pink shade since it’s not the usual typical baby pink or fuchsia pink you see in a little girl’s room. Light pink is amazing in large spaces like the living room or bedroom. You can even paint the ceilings a similar colour to provide a jewel-box effect. If you are looking for a more subtle shade, go for the light pink that is more on the nude and earth tones. Pinks that are more on the purple tone side are better for a pop of colour and joining a room altogether. 

Combine Various Tones of Pink for Balance 

Pink And Orange Living Room Design Ideas & Pictures

Residence Style

Pink shouldn’t be a dramatic burst of colour. Having different tones of pink in your home makes everything more muted and subdued, and thus effortless to add more than one pink item in a room. Pick any surface and make it pop with pink. If you want more pink elements on your dining table, you may add pink floral arrangements, pink vases, chargers, and napkins. 

You may also coordinate throw pillows in a few tones of pink and complementary tones of blue to create harmony and balance within a space. 

Make Everything Pink 

Living Room Design Images Pink Paint Colors For Living Rooms ...

We Heart It

If you’re really a fan of this colour and want to add more of it in your home decor, you can consider making everything pink! Using various pink elements throughout the entire room will turn pink to be less surprising. It may be shocking at first, but it can normalize the pink within your space if everything is pink. Pink in different tones will definitely compliment each other well. If this is a bit tricky to you, you can ask help from a professional home builder or designer to help you out. 

Create a Dramatic Effect 

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Pink elements with dramatically dark colours can create a relaxing balance and also let your link home decor be the focal point of the room. You may mix dark walls with a pink sofa or pink lounge chairs. However, if you want a more traditional look, get navy coloured sofa combined with pink throw pillows and artwork so you can allow pink to play its secondary role in the design scheme. 

Have a Tropical Pink Vibe 

pink flamingo pink water pink wall, tropical duvet cover pink ...


Did you know that dark green tropical aesthetics look beautiful if paired with several bright decor elements? Pink and green became the trend and they make the best pairing that reflects a boho tropical design. If you want space or something to stand out, you may use those dark green leaves enveloped by a pink background in a neutral space. This will give your point of interest a gorgeous touch without overwhelming or terrible. You can try putting tropical wallpaper for more flashy design, accented by a bright pink couch and several other bold colours. 

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