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6 Important Seo Tips For Cannabis Business

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Cannabis Business

The online search for Cannabis is increasing every year. Countries are gradually relaxing restrictions on cannabis-based products for medical and cosmetic purposes. It is encouraging related business owners to start getting closer to the customers. Hence, maintaining a cannabis website and taking care that it ranks high such that it grabs customer attention is now indispensable. 

Here is where a cannabis SEO agency comes into the picture. A team experienced in SEO can help push up the rankings of a website. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an affordable, organic approach that promises a website’s performance. Investing in SEO is a sure shot way to make the online presence profitably. 

Why does a cannabis website need SEO?

Market Watchers are indicating that the global search rate for cannabis products is increasing every year. CBD is one of the top 5 health-related terms that users are searching online. 

To make the most of this ‘search-surge’, it is inevitable to focus on bringing your website into the top search results. It is achievable by refining your cannabis website SEO strategy.

Here are 6 essential SEO tips for Cannabis business that help boost their search rankings:

Keywords Optimization:

Keywords are the foundation for an SEO strategy. They are the terms that our targeted users search for in search engines. 

For instance, if you are a cannabis dispensary owner and want to design content and SEO for your website, terms such as ‘cannabis dispensary near me’, ‘cannabis dispensary in” + your business location, “best cannabis dispensary”, etc. will become the best keywords.

Keyword selection needs solid research and business understanding. Tools such as Google keyword planner, Ahref, can help understand the keywords related to a given business.

Opt for keywords that are long and consisting of 3-4 words. For instance, instead of choosing ‘cannabis’ as the keyword, pick ‘cannabis store near me’ as the keyword. Such keywords are called long-tail keywords and work best for proven SEO results.

Make more Backlinks:

Search engines bring up the website that has higher authority and weightage. Backlinks are the ones that inform the search engine about the same. Backlinks are the links that point to your website from an external source. For instance, if you are a cannabis business owner and write about its medicinal usage on another reputed website by adding a URL to your own, it forms a backlink to your cannabis website.

When it comes to backlinks, quality is as important as quantity. A usual practice that Cannabis SEO agency experts adopt is forming backlinks from reputed websites than the one under SEO focus. Adding backlinks from websites with lesser domain authority than yours’ might do more harm than good.

Social Media Optimization:

Social media is a lot more than just a way to stay in touch with customers. It offers various analytics, demographics, statistics, and other metrics needed for analyzing a website’s performance.

While social media directly does not fall into the SEO aspects, its indirect potential to boost traffic to a website is immense. If you share your content links on social media, it helps draw the traffic to your website quickly. 

Create profiles for your cannabis business on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, depending on the products you are selling. Make sure to post informative and educational content of various forms periodically. Engage with your audience frequently. This helps in driving more traffic to your site.

Collect Reviews and Testimonials:

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Testimonials are a sure shot way to build trust in customers. We generally tend to purchase proven products that are already tried and tested. Thus, testimonials make their impact on boosting credibility in a business or a brand. 

Testimonials work great to convince search engines too. They consider websites with testimonials to be trusted sources and push them up in the search results. 

So, make sure to take customer feedback and reviews on the products they purchased. Encourage them to add their reviews on the products page. 

Thus, adding reviews and testimonials is a win-win technique to gain the trust of both human users and search engines.

Google Analytics:

This free, yet powerful tool helps understand how the SEO and the overall content is performing. By analyzing the Google Analytics data, we can understand the gaps in the keywords and can improve our keyword strategy.

The Google Analytics dashboard also lets us know the best and worst-performing content. It also helps in making a content audit and revamping the least performing ones. 

By analyzing the traffic metrics, we can capture customer demographics effectively. Thus, we can tweak our SEO strategy to match customer needs. 

Mobile-Friendly Website:

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Studies reveal that more people are browsing websites from their mobile devices. Hence it is essential to optimize your cannabis website to mobile platforms. 

Right from content view to loading speed, every aspect plays a critical role in gripping mobile users. Underperformance in any of these aspects means a lost interest from the user side. In no time, they would switch to the next website on the search results.

Summing up

Cannabis websites face restrictions in many ways from search engines. However, that is in no way constraining the number of quality cannabis businesses to make their presence online. 

By planning a solid SEO strategy, we can be sure that our Cannabis website fares better than the counterparts and reaches the customers as intended. 

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