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7 Best Places To Live As A Digital Nomad

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Imagine working from a hammock on the beachfront, or from a tent on a hilltop sipping your favorite coffee. Thanks to high-end laptops and high-speed internet, today, remote working is very much possible for different professionals like coders, content writers, graphic designers, Youtubers, and digital marketers. And, many find it convenient too. Thus one gets to go around the world without taking a break from work. 

Moreover, people prefer freelancing rather than regular 9-5 jobs. One could choose the location, the timings, and the workload. And, people are more satisfied as they set their standards for work and get the right pay. Thus we have a new class of professionals who are making a living from anywhere on the Earth. For those willing to tread the digital nomad’s path, here is a list of places where you could briefly hang your hat.

Belfast, UK

Belfast, a small city in Northern Ireland, is exciting and welcoming. In the past, it was famous for its linen industry, tobacco production, and shipbuilding. Today, it is a growing business hub with an abundance of co-working spaces and a start-up ecosystem. A Victorian city filled with art and craft festivals is a perfect place for entertainment too. It is also a treat for the taste buds with traditional bakeries, apple pies, Irish soda bread, and potato dishes in every corner of the city. Moreover, you could enjoy the rolling landscape, the green countryside, and England’s exotic beaches. 

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

A city with seven hills and close to ancient cultural hubs like Greece, Turkey, and Italy, and the Russian impact in the recent past, Plovdiv represents an exciting confluence. Though the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, is a larger city, Plovdiv is inexpensive and is around 8000 years old. Here you have a 2nd-century Roman amphitheater, Turkish baths, and Ottoman mosques. 

Today, Plovdiv offers one of the fastest internet speeds in Europe. Free Wifi is available in cafes, and with a fiber optic cable connection, the internet speed could go up to 100Mb/s. The main advantage is the use of local currency, Bulgarian Lev. You will need around 200-300$ for renting an apartment. The food is super healthy and cheap too. Bulgaria is an emerging tech hub in the Balkan region, so it is also possible to get local offers for coding, digital marketing, and blog outreach services

Taipei, Taiwan

The capital city of the island nation is modern, friendly, and a technology hub. Given the trend of remote working and freelancing, the Taiwanese have come up with numerous co-working spaces and cafes. The weather is moderate and ranges from 13 to 34-degree Celsius. The food here is super tasty and cheap. The transport system is excellent and highly interconnected. Apart from the sea, you have hills and mountains for adventure activities. 

Though not as cheap as Thailand or Vietnam, Taipei is modern, clean, and more advanced. It is relatively safer and has a robust healthcare system too. Thus, if lifestyle quality matters more to you, then Taipei is the best choice.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is well-known as a tourist destination. But, for digital nomads, who wish to stay for a longer duration, the Chiang Mai town, on the northern part, offers a better atmosphere. It is more economical and less crowded. Your monthly expenses can be within 600$. The internet speed is superb, and with a fiber-optic network, it could reach as high as 100 Mb/s. 

It has a mountainous terrain dotted with waterfalls. So there are plenty of chances for fulfilling the adrenaline rush. The weather is warm and sunny throughout the year. The place is famous as a digital nomad hotspot, and you could find a community of diverse expatriates here.    

Playa Del Carmen, México

Mexico City, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta are among the well-known places and are often brimming with tourists. Playa Del Carmen is a quiet yet developed town in the Riviera Maya. The best thing is here you have the fastest internet speed among various Latin American cities. Moreover, as it is not a famous tourist spot yet, the room rents are very affordable. The place has many private houses, resorts, and co-working facilities.  

   For those in need of a party atmosphere, Cancun is within an hour’s drive. You could also visit Tulum, explore Mayan pyramids, or fly to Miami. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

The capital city situated on the Atlantic coast also has the river Paraná forming a beautiful delta. The city is expansive, and North American influence is very much evident here. There are plenty of avenues for recreation and enjoyment. The weather is warm and pleasant throughout the year. 

You could choose from different staying options available. The rents vary from 400-1000$ a month. Co-working spaces, cafes, and community meetups provide an excellent environment for working. The restaurants and food chains offer complete cosmopolitan cuisine, and you could also savor local favorites like empanadas, Dulce de leche, and the famous Malbec.

Berlin, Germany

There are only a few countries that give a freelancer visa, and Germany is the most advanced. Whether you wish to go ahead with your creative pursuits or ace your technical prowess, Berlin is the place to go. You have around 80 co-working spaces like Factory Berlin, Betahaus, WeWork, Kreuzberg, etc. Factory Berlin is home to tech giants such as Google and Twitter. The city is also abuzz with various workshops, conferences, and meetups for the self-employed and small entrepreneurs.     

Final Thoughts

The world of digital nomads sounds fanciful. All those Insta pictures with a laptop and beautiful scenery in the background might inspire many. What goes unseen is the hard work that they do and the passion that drives them. As you travel, you have the responsibility of keeping yourself healthy, happy, and satisfied. Digital nomads are not carefree hippies. They have to follow new trends and update their skills regularly to get the best gigs. Therefore, one has to prepare mentally before embarking on the modern nomad’s journey. 

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