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7 Healthy Habits To Start Your Day Right

Andrea Bell




If you’re in the same boat as me, quarantine has probably ruined your daily routine more times than you’d like to admit. You find yourself demotivated, staying up all night, and waking up in the middle of the day.

However, quarantine has also left us all with enough time and the luxury to better our routines and spend more time on ourselves.

We realize the importance of being healthy, mentally, and physically. This is why having a morning routine that focuses on these things has become crucial.

I’m here to suggest 6 practices you can incorporate in your morning routine to feel saner and healthier.

  1. Start Your Day By Making Your Bed

We’ve all heard this one from our mothers throughout our childhood. Day in and day out, our mothers would make sure we start our day with a made bed. What is the reason behind it, you might wonder. Does it genuinely make a difference?

Personally, it has transformed the start of my day. It has helped me feel like I can breathe in my space.A clear bed leads to a clear mind. It’s a principle many individuals live by to make their day seem less daunting.

It is further utilized as a goal-setting strategy; make the first thing you do when you wake up the easiest task, i.e., making your bed, and it’ll start your day right.

  1. Move your Body

Most of the day we spend hunched over our laptops, especially when working from home.

One of the first things you should do is stretch your body, exercise while taking in that sunlight; it can make a significant difference.

To help make this a habit, I have learned that laying out your clothes the night before as part of your nighttime routine. Whether for girls it’s their new workout leggings or for men, it’s their comfortable men’s pouch underwear, it doesn’t matter, as long as it gets you excited to wake up in the morning.

This simple practice of moving your body elevates your mood and gets your heart rate up, ready to take on challenges for the day.

  1. Meditate or Mindfulness Practices

Despite mindfulness and meditation becoming mainstream in today’s time, it is a traditional practice that dates back centuries. Researchers have found it to be an extremely beneficial practice not only for mental health but also physical well-being.

Waking up early enough to incorporate time for yourself and your personal goals is what makes or breaks a person during tough times (like this pandemic).

Meditating is an excellent tool for numerous physical ailments like high blood pressure and helping you stay in the present.

  1. A Healthy Breakfast

A lot of people overlook nutrition as part of their early morning routine.

Whether due to running late or not having the stomach for it, breakfast is still a crucial part of the day.

Many people forget that food fuels not only your body, but your decision-making abilities are also dependent on the right mix of nutrients.

Researchers suggest having a protein-rich breakfast, but that doesn’t mean you neglect the rest. Carbohydrates and fats are also important and are considered easy energy for your body.

An excellent recommendation would be overnight oats. The best part about overnight oats is you can mix and match with your favorite toppings. This allows you to make them according to whatever you’re in the mood for the next morning.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Water

We are often told about the benefits of drinking water, but we tend to neglect this practice the most. Research has found that even losing 2% of water can lead to symptoms of dehydration, which leads to adverse health effects.

The right quantity of water can also lead to better performance during exercise and better skin. We all want better skin, don’t we?

There are now many apps that can be downloaded to prompt you to hydrate. By downloading one of these apps, you can have a fun virtual friend reminding you to drink water.

  1. Cold Therapy Showers

After you’ve done everything (except breakfast). You’ve had your water, you’ve stretched, and you’ve made your bed; now it is time to take a cold therapy shower.

What is a cold therapy shower, and how do you take one? Well, it depends on the individual; you can either end your hot shower with 30 seconds of a cold blast or simply take a cold shower after you have worked out.

Do you know, there is a link between cold therapy showers and fewer sick leaves from work? It also aids in better mental focus and a surge of energy through your body.

Another daunting suggestion, we know. But give it a shot, you won’t want to go back.

  1. Gratitude Journal

During these uncertain times, it is essential to have the perspective of what’s important and what isn’t. Removing the clutter from your mind’s eye and focusing on the things that you may be taking for granted like your health and clean water, is a necessity.

Taking 5 minutes, every alternate day, or even 3 days of the week to jot down what you’re grateful for or even just what you’re feeling will make you feel lighter and much more in tune with the blessings that you have around you.

All in all, remember to take it one day at a time and set small goals until you’ve incorporated all seven of these in your morning routine. It’ll take time, but these practices will change your mindset about life and your perspective of challenging situations. ­­­­

There’s nothing better than making time for yourself first thing in the morning and focusing on the critical things in your life. It is easier said than done but committing to small chunks will make the larger picture seem easier to achieve.

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