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8 reasons why games are good for your brain

Andrea Bell



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Games are a socially acceptable way to pass leisure time. They are designed to kill boredom. But today they have become a world of their own. Whether you want to kill time, spend moments with your friends, or have fun with your siblings, gaming is one of the best ways to achieve all that.

Experts have repeatedly said that games are a brain booster. They help humans learn how to live, to memorize, to form bonds, and to be a better version of themselves.

So, we will elaborate on these concepts and discuss some of the ways games are truly helping us. May it be board games, physical games, or digital video games, they all have one thing in common – improving our lives. With that said, let’s learn how games are good for your brain.

  1. Assist in decision making

Brain games like Scrabble, Chess, and puzzles are some types of games that can help improve decision making. These games are purpose-built to increase retention and evaluation.

Chess is considered the biggest brain game of all time because it has everything – a time limit, a strategy, a battle of wits, and action vs. consequence concept.

Numerous experiments have been conducted in the past to find correlations between playing games and improved decision-making experiments. These experiments have proved that people who play games are better in decision making.

  1. Improve memory

Puzzle games are a great help in improving memory. We all have to remember things, but sometimes it just becomes too hard. Brain games, such as a puzzle, match the products, scramble, and various others, are a great way to improve brain memory.

Experts have suggested that children should start playing puzzle games to improve their memory. When they can retain information faster, they are in a much better position to get better grades in school and climb the stairs to success.

Neurobiologists from the University of California say that playing three-dimensional video games can improve memory formation and hand to eye coordination. Furthermore, they also improve reaction time and are a perfect way to train children.

  1. Increase social cognition

Games like SIMs, Age of Empires, Civilizations, help people understand more about society and how to behave in it.

Think about professional gamers. They don’t go out, don’t interact with people, yet they know a lot more than other people in this society about certain things. Why?

It turns out that social cognition is a lot easier to get from games because they test our senses and our minds. These games are a perfect example of how people should behave, interact with peers, and react to the information they receive.

  1. Build social skills

Today, there is a wide-variety of Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMORPGs), including PUBG, Battle Royale, Fortnite, CS GO, and many others.

People play these games in teams and chat with each other throughout the game. These games are a great way to improve social skills. They help gamers to foster relations among themselves, develop communities, and offer them ways to build and retain social relationships.

  1. Keep you physically fit

Gone are those days when there was only one type of game that you can play sitting on a seat all day long. Now there are digital games available that you can play with virtual simulators.

These virtual simulators mimic your every move. It means if you are playing an action game, then your avatar will only move in the game when you move in real life. The gaming simulators are a perfect way to stay in shape while having fun.

Apart from virtual simulators, there are games like Pokemon Go and gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii that you can use to remain physically fit while playing games from the comfort of your home.

  1. Increase learning

One of the most productive ways to learn something quickly is through games. That’s what the science of gamification is about, and today many experts are working on creating virtual apps that can gamify our school curriculum.

When children enjoy something, they are more likely to learn it by heart, and it becomes a part of their permanent memory. This is helpful for kids who are unable to perform in a regular schooling environment or have a small attention span.

Britannica Encyclopedia has also released a gaming app that helps people learn about new places is a fun way, thus increasing their learning capabilities.

This is the reason that various gaming platforms online feature learning games for kids. Subscription-based platforms like Unlimited Gamez Mo have various games in the education category that foster better learning in kids while playing games.

  1. Keep you curious

Games keep you curious and always wanting to achieve more. Learning games help people increase their knowledge; exploration games allow people to visit new places, and strategy games help them learn new tricks to achieve their goals. Thus games help keep people curious about the things going on around them.

  1. Keep you young

There is a 90-year-old Japanese granny who is a pro gamer and regularly enjoys playing games on her computer. She is in perfect health, thanks to her passion for gaming.

In many of her interviews, she has said that she loves gaming not because of the games, but because it helps her stay young. When she plays games, she interacts with young people, and it helps her relive her young self.

Moreover, in games, she can jump, walk, climb, and do almost anything she desires. At 80 years of age, most of these things are not possible to do in real life, and that’s why she loves gaming. This is just one example of how gaming can keep you young and active.


Gaming can be fun, and gaming can also be challenging. But gaming has many benefits that we often ignore when we get older. It is important to understand how gaming helps individuals in so many ways.

If you are an avid gamer, tell us what you think are the benefits of gaming. Tell us in the comments about all these benefits that are not included in the list.

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