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9 Gaming Platforms That Open Doors for Non-Violent Games for Kids

Andrea Bell



Games for Kids

Are you a worried parent whose child has begun to show interest in violent games? Do you feel perturbed about the influence these games are having on your kids?

Several studies have been conducted, which found a correlation between violent video games and pugnacity. The American Psychological Association speculates such games to be a risk factor for aggression.

The above findings make sense as children these days spend significant time playing video games. According to McAfee’s research, on average, a child plays video games for as long as 15 hours a week.

Unless one limits the time in which these games are played, exposure to violence for such a long time can potentially trigger feelings of combativeness.

In simple terms, young brains aren’t developed to tell reality from fantasy. Parents should, therefore, keep them away from violent games, and instead, deviate their attention towards age-appropriate, learning, and educational games.

Advantages of Playing Non-Violent Games for Kids

If you can achieve moderation and can manage your child’s habits, games can be a highly efficient tool that has many proven benefits such as:

  • Teach perseverance
  • Improves reading habits
  • Optimizes hand-eye coordination
  • Develops critical thinking and logical reasoning
  • Improves analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Discovering the kid’s passions, talents, and capabilities
  • To handle success and failure
  • Strengthens memory skills
  • Motivation to perform better and learn new skills

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry advises parents to indulge in these games with their children and impose strict rules about the time and content of video games.

Below is a list of gaming platforms that offer fun and non-violent games for kids. You can browse through each platform and access hundreds of creative games, many of which are educational as well.

  1. Big Fish Games

One of the most popular gaming platform since 2002, Big Fish has a vast library of games. You can browse from the fourteen categories of games – from challenging puzzles games like the Fantasy Mosaic to the relaxing Pixel Art; the options are abundant.

Your child can also learn cooking and time management skills with exciting games like the Cooking Craze and the Cooking Star Collector’s Edition.

Available on PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, as well as an extensive range of online games, this platform will keep your child engaged in non-violent games without letting him feel bored.

  1. Mini-Me Games

Another platform that has a variety of fun and interactive games is MiniMe. These games are highly creative and age-appropriate for children.

Their collection of games comprises a variety of adventurous, creative, and engaging games. You can be sure that there is absolutely no violence in any of their games. These are fun-filled games that spark the interest of kids and make them eager to learn more.

Make your children play the Space Miner, or The Old McDonald Farm Adventure to let their inner adventurer explore the world.

If your kids love animals, the Kids Zoo Fun or My Pet Clinic will be perfect for them. Along with these, there are several other games that any child can thoroughly enjoy.

The platform is subscription-based, and your child can easily play the games on mobile and tablets.

  1. Animal Jam

Another well-designed gaming platform that is safe for kids is the Animal Jam. They claim kids’ safety to be their top priority, and their platform is designed that way as well.

The Animal Jam portal is not just safe; it is highly appealing in terms of graphics, which is a treat for children who are obsessed with animals.

The exciting games will keep the children hooked for sure. It is available to be played on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.

  1. Lego

Ah, the good old classic Lego! Kids have been obsessed with Lego sets for ages, and the ever-evolving technologies have only elevated its craze among the young lot of today.

Lego’s online gaming platform has a variety of games, each of which has a different set of Lego characters who take on challenges and missions.

Your child will love these Lego games like the Minecraft, Nexo Knights, or Ninjago available on PC, gaming consoles, Android, and iOS.

  1. Steam

Gaming platform Steam also has a fantastic variety of games, many of which are feature no violence. From adventure and strategy games to a variety of sports games, Steam can be a platform where your children will love to spend time.

Most games are available on PC, but several of them can also be available on iOS, Android, and gaming consoles.

  1. ABCmouse games

ABCmouse is a subscription-based learning platform for young kids. Most of their games are in the form of tasks where children are rewarded with points upon completing a task like matching or tracing.

Though this is more of an educational site, its fun and interactive activities made it a part of this list of non-violent game platforms.

  1. Funbrain

Funbrain is yet another creatively designed kid-friendly platform that offers game-based learning. Games on this platform are categorized according to age and feature games for kids from all age-groups based on their mental capabilities.

Developers at Funbrain have done an excellent job as these games have amazing graphics, and are very challenging. They trigger analytical thinking, and rewards to keep children motivated.

  1. Disney

Disney has not only given us incredible fantasy movies, but it also provides us entertainment through gaming. I bet your kids will fall in love with these games just as they fell in love with those animated movies.

Disney has a wide variety of games that kids from all age groups can enjoy. Girls can play the dress up games, frozen games, and the other Disney princess games.

Boys of younger ages can play the racing and Disney junior games, while the older ones can play the marvel and sports games.

  1. Herotopia

This gaming platform is like a wish come true for any kid. It lets the child select a superhero role and choose the superpower. Children can then play games with the avatar that they have chosen.

The games on this platform give excellent learning opportunities as they help build foreign language skills, geographical skills, and awareness of the environment in kids.

In short, Herotopia justifies its name perfectly as a platform where your child makes the world a better place by acting like a hero.

Final Word

French philosopher Michel de Montaigne said that when children play, you should see their game like it’s a serious-minded activity. His quote clearly explains the need to select an appropriate and safe platform for kids.

You can let your child play freely if the gaming platform is free of violence. Try the gaming forums mentioned above and let your child reap the benefits of playing educational games.

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