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Ashley Benson An American Actress And Model




The American actress Ashley Benson is known for her role Hanna Marin in the intriguing series Pretty Little Liars. She has also played a role in the famous series Days of Our Lives. She was born in California and has an elder sister. Ashley Benson started dancing ballet, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical at age four. She has also taken part in many musicals. Ashley Benson has won many awards and has worked in many films and series.

The article will talk about the interesting facts that you might not know.

Ashley Benson (2)Interesting facts about Ashley Benson:

  1. Ashley Benson was born prematurely. She weighed only 2lbs. 8oz. She was kept in the hospital for supervision.
  2. She is an animal lover and has two pups.
  3. Days of Our Lives became a huge success for her and she became famous for her character as Abigail Deveraux in the series.
  4. In 2002 Ashley Benson appeared as a schoolgirl in Lil’Romeo. She began modeling for The Ford Modeling Agency at the age of eight.
  5. The first commercial that Ashley Benson did was for Domino’s Pizza.
  6. Ashley Benson is superb dancer and this is the reason that she got a role in Bring It On: In It to Win It.
  7. The stunning scene in the film BIO made her afraid of heights. She had to practice real cheerleading stunts.
  8. Do you know that Ashley Benson never wanted to be an actress? She wanted to be a doctor or a chef.
  9. She and her Pretty Little Liars co-star Sasha Pieterse have served as models for Jean Gray in the comic books of X-Men Origins.
  10. Ashley Benson loves her brown hair. During an interview she said, “Brown hair makes me feel more myself.”
  11. She is a prankster. Keegan Allen said that she is the queen of pranks. While telling about her prank she played on Allen she said, “Once, I stuck gum on [his] coat collar, so when he leaned back, it got caught in his hair.”
  12. Ashley Benson was so busy shooting Days of Our Lives that she did not get a chance to go to her own prom.
  13. She is a frequent user of Twitter and answers to every question.
  14. She said that if God would give her a chance to be something else other than human then she would be a dog.
  15. Ashley Benson favorite food is Sushi, Italian, and Mexican.

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