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The Calgary native Elisha Cuthbert is up with the comedy




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The actress Elisha Cuthbert aired on T.V as Mary in one of the comedy sequel Goon, surrounding the subject hockey: Last of the Enforcers. She was portraying the character of a rowdy drunk person at a bar. She comes up with a wild comment for her brother-in-law Doug the Thug Glatt; right in front his wife, and also her sister. Right after the scene ended, she took up another glass of the beer that was just spewing back into the pitcher.Elisha Cuthbert (4)

She has been a cheerful part of the comedy if not a comic super star in general. She never seemed to be an uprising star in the comedy line and has herself come up with the following statement:

‘When I was younger, I thought to be a real actress was to be dramatic and going for the emotional content over the funny,’ and also ‘But now that I’m doing the funny, it’s become really gratifying.’

The 34 years old star Elisha Cuthbert, is now into funny stuff for a while and as the 34, has been doing the funny for quite a few years now. As Eva’s wild, unbalanced sister in Goon: Last of the Enforcers, she came up with good laugh time as she appeared in some of the scenes.

She has recently starred opposite to Debra Winger, Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot in the Netflix comedy, The Ranch, playing her part as a sarcastic ex-girlfriend of Kutcher. However, the reviews of the show in the Vanity Fair deemed her ‘underrated’ while on the other hand the New York Times entitled her performance ‘engaging’ and the Vox titled Elisha Cuthbert as ‘a delightful comic actress.’Elisha Cuthbert (5)

‘I think I’m drawn to the scripts that are comedy based and feel like I’m finding my stride in it’ she says. ‘It’s become really rewarding in a bizarre kind of way. I don’t know why that is.’

“I think she’s a hot mess,” says Elisha Cuthbert, laughing. “I don’t think you need to go too deep when it comes to Mary. I think she is just one of those girls that likes to have a good time, likes her drinks and likes to be at the bar. She’s a little bit of a wild card, a little bit of a hot mess. You go at it from there. It’s a fun character: the normal, typical pain-in-the-butt sister-in-law.”

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