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Cristiano Ronaldo Statue Wins The Show At Italian Carnival

Valentine Chinyem



Cristiano Ronaldo has always made the news on and off the pitch, but the Portuguese seem to be trending for an unusual reason.

The Viareggio Carnival in Italy on Sunday had a giant robot looking paper-mache version of the Juventus star on display during its procession

The processing which dates as far back as 1873 when it was formed by protesting locals against high taxes at the time.

The carnival overtime has featured statues of politicians and famous individuals in the past, however this statue of Ronaldo seem to win the spotlight, as it was marked with fireworks and dance from guests at the annual event.

It is said that the carnival attracts about 800,000 guests every year.

Near perfection should be the right word for the statue, which could be seen moving its limbs, waving at the crowd, blinking its eyes and also turning its head to various directions.

Ronaldo’s statue at the Viareggio Carnival in Italy

More so, the festival which is said to be one of the largest of its kind in Europe, due to the number of visitors it attracts.

It would be recalled that last year’s statue took at swipe at US President Donald Trump, whose statue was dressed in the regalia of a Roman emperor, depicting his autocratic nature, however, Ronaldo’s statue was seen by many as a king worth celebrating..

This is not the first time Cristiano Ronaldo’s statue would be carved and put on display, as a statue of the star was placed at Madeira Airport in Portugal, his home country.

The statue was widely criticized for its lack of resemblance to the star, forcing authorities to replace it in the summer of the 2018.

Seria A ranking has greatly improved since Ronaldo joined Juventus, making it the third most watched league in the world.

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