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Dwayne Johnson Famous as “The Rock”





Dwayne Johnson, commonly known to many people around the world as “The Rock”, is a Canadian and an American actor, a professional wrestler and a producer. His father and maternal grandfather were also professional wrestlers. His early childhood was spent in moving from place to place due to his father’s wrestling career; but finally, they settled long enough in Pennsylvania where he joined Freedom High School in Miami. He played as a defensive tackle in University of Miami football team. And as he was very passionate about football he earned a place in the team on scholarship. He was part of 1991 Miami Hurricanes’ national championship team too. Though later he was replaced in NFL due to an injury in his back.

Dwayne Johnson (10)Dwayne Johnson Biography:

Dwayne Johnson Career:

He completed his Bachelors in 1995. But the stars of his destiny were still shinning and he debuted in WWF in 1996. His first match was in Monday Night Raw in a survivor series in which he survived till the end out of eight other wrestlers. Dwayne Johnson won WWF Intercontinental championship 1997 and from there onwards he established himself as a strong and handsome wrestler. His maternal grandfather’s and his family’s legacy helped him earn a persona inside and outside the ring. Later he overthrew Farooq at “Over the Edge: In Your House” and became a leader at “Nation of Domination”. His fan following since then swelled and people waited in lines to get a glimpse of their favorite star in the ring. He won the WWF Heavyweight championship 6 times in a row too.

Dwayne Johnson (9)Dwayne Johnson the Rock is cooking

Some facts about Dwayne Johnson:

  • His film career began with an appearance in a music video known as “It Doesn’t Matter”. Later he also hosted a show called “Saturday Night Live” and became the first athlete of his kind to host a show like that.
  • Dwayne Johnson first ever movie in the Hollywood was “The Mummy Returns”.
  • Later due to the movie’s success (Mummy returns) he also got a chance to act as the Scorpion King in the movie named “The Scorpion King”.
  • Dwayne Johnson named was entered in Guinness World Book due to a record $5.5 million payment for the first movie he did (The mummy returns). This was the highest amount ever paid to any athlete for his first project.
  • In 2011 he got a key role in “Fast and Furious”. This was too his biggest commercial success. Ever since Dwayne Johnson appeared in “Fast & Furious” series, all the following movies were big hits on the box office.

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