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Things you can learn from Harvey Specter, A character in “Suits”




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“Suits” is a modern American drama series based on a law firm in New York. “Suits” has been nominated many times in various Awards and the characters have been praised individually for their respective performances. The character of Harvey is portrayed by Gabriel Macht. This is a very confident character and has his own style of doing business. Harvey brazenly does what the situation requires of him regardless of the whole world. Viewers can take a lesson or two from this series and learn how to boost their self-esteem. This series also tell us about how people view us as compared to how we want them to perceive. Because the way we think about ourselves matters a lot in today’s world. So below are some lessons that you can learn from suits character Harvey Specter.

Let’s take a look.

Harvey Specter (1)Lessons You Can Learn From Suits Character Harvey Specter:

  1. Harvey Specter is often portrayed as an arrogant person in the show. But Harvey Specter’s arrogance and self-confidence gives us a lesson that instead of agreeing with the other person just listen to what people are saying and don’t immediately show your weakness by agreeing with them. Instead, try to ponder about it in private and then act accordingly.
  2. It has been a known fact for decades that our appearance matters a lot. And people judge us through it. In one of the episodes Harvey Specter said that people perceive about us through our dressing and body language. For instance, if you want to convey a message of authoritative personality then dress like that. The way we dress makes a lot of difference.
  3. Another important lesson to be learned from this series is that instead of reacting, try to be proactive. And even if you are in a gridlock situation, instead of worrying about it try to think of a solution or try to find a way out.
  4. From the beginning Harvey Specter is shown as a goal-oriented man. We, in our real lives, should keep our eyes on our goals and even if we miss we’ve learned something from it.
  5. Harvey Specter has an air of self assurance that helps him often overpower his enemies. This self belief is necessary in real world otherwise nobody will let you accomplish whatever you want to. Take bold step and make your own mistakes. People who succeed often are the ones that are not afraid to be decisive. Since in a business world such an attitude is required, you should be willing to make decisions and even let things go if required.

So these were some of the most important and useful lessons that can be learned from Harvey Specter’s character.

 Harvey Specter (2)Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter (3)

Harvey Specter (5)Harvey Specter Pictures

Harvey Specter (6)Harvey Specter the no1 closer in NY

Harvey Specter (7)Harvey Specter Suits Character

Harvey Specter (8)Harvey Specter role

Harvey Specter (9)Harvey Specter suits quotes

Harvey Specter (10)Harvey Specter as a bad ass lawyer

Harvey Specter (11)

Harvey Specter (13)

Harvey Specter (4)

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