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How To Prevent Shipping Damage

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In any business, whether it is a small or big one, shipping is a vital component. But before you set up shipping costs and processes in your company, you need to know and understand first how your shipping and fulfillment rates are computed.

Shipping costs are calculated depending on the service and speed, dimensions, destination, and shipping volume. Service and speed in shipping means the delivery time and shipping options. Consumers want a faster delivery that is why the more you expedite a shipping service, the higher the rate or price will be.

Second thing that needs to be considered is the dimension and weight of the products that will be shipped. Dimensional weight means the package size rather than the actual weight. Of course, a customer will be charged less for lighter parcels but more cost on the heavier packages.

The final factor that impacts shipping cost is the distance between the shipper’s address and the receiver’s address. If you will ship products to international destinations, there are a few things to remember.

First, confirm product shippability. This is due to some restrictions of other countries to certain products. Make sure that the product you will deliver is allowed to that specific country or destination.

Second, additional taxes, duties, and documentation. You also need to settle additional charges and requirements such as value added tax, duties and tariffs, and customs declarations.

Lastly, do not forget to update your shipping policy and pricing. Selling internationally is pricey so ensure taking appropriate steps to charge and estimate for delivery for your customers in international areas.

Another thing that you need to manage is your shipping volume. When you’re getting started with your business, you may establish a good relationship with your carrier account manager. Doing this will benefit you both on your business like shipping discounts.

Aside from shipping volume, you also need to anticipate product returns. A buying decision is a risk-reward decision for consumers. Purchasing products involves more risk because consumers can’t physically get to hold the product to check or inspect it.

As a business-owner, if you have a customer-focused returns policy and experience, shoppers are more likely to trust you and become repeat customers. However, international returns may be more expensive and time-consuming since it can cost you another round of duties and tariffs.

For better relationships with your customers, you can offer free shipping and flat rate shipping. If your parcels are similar in size and shipping rate, you can offer a flat rate in shipping.

To effectively bring a good quality shipping service to your customers, do not forget the packaging and branding. Take note, this is where the loyal and repeat customers are discovered and get known.

In branding and packaging, you can be as creative as you want. You also need to think about the care you should give to your parcels. Check out and read this infographic to know more information on how to prevent shipping damage.

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