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How To Sleep Soundly At Night: Tips And Tricks




Finding it difficult to sleep well at night? These tips will help you sleep soundly at night;

1) Quit Alcohol and Caffeine

Caffeine is in itself, a stimulant that reduces the amounts of adenosine in the body. Adenosine is the chemical responsible for inducing sleep. Taking a cup or more of coffee every day only continues to make it worse, hence sleep deprivation in the long run.

While alcohol might seem to help with sleep, it does the exact opposite. First, alcohol will force you to have repeated trips to the bathroom deep into the night. It will also disrupt your circadian cycle, making it harder for the body to recover from sleeplessness. 

2) Make The Bedroom Comfortable

Comfort can be very important for sleep. Use good quality bed covers, and an Amazon mattress. Decorate the room in soothing, restful colors, and keep it at the optimum temperature for sleep.

3) Enjoy the Morning Sunshine

Sunlight plays an essential role in your body by inducing wakefulness in the morning. It is by causing insomnia that the body and mind will be ready to rest/sleep later on during the day/night when you need it. It is for this reason even pediatricians recommend getting babies out in the morning sunshine, and especially those that struggle to fall asleep, or sleeping well at night. 

4) Avoid Carbohydrate and High-Fat Foods a Few Hours to Bedtime

Foods high in fat content and carbohydrates ought to be avoided several hours to bedtime. Sleep experts also advise against having a heavy meal in the evening. It would be best if you had sleep-inducing foods and fruits such as cherries, kiwis, and bananas. 

5) Reduce Your Screen Time

Televisions, cell phones, and many other electronics emit blue light. This light is known to trigger wakefulness hence can be the reason for insomnia and sleeplessness. Cutting down your screen time can however help eliminate this issue. 

6) Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is not only good for your health but also promotes good quality sleep. Make it a habit of hitting the gym in the morning hours, jog, or even take the stairs every day to get your blood moving. You shouldn’t, however, exercise a few hours to bedtime, as this might trigger an adrenaline rush.

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