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In Shower Moisturisers: The Lazy Girl’s Saviour




I thought I was alone in my abhorrence of moisturising my body. Strange, considering I love the feeling of super soft skin and will happily load lotion onto my face twice a day. But, no. A quick poll of the office determined that the majority of us fall into the reluctant/occasional application category, with only a couple of dedicated moisturiser addicts (who were mildly alarmed at our slapdash approach to self-lubricating).

The thing that cements moisturising firmly as beauty admin – definition: things we should probably do, but can’t be bothered – is the laboriousness of slathering it on from top to bottom and waiting around starkers for it to dry afterwards.

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Unlike washing and drying your hair (also beauty admin) you can get away with not topping up on moisturiser for days, weeks (*whispers* months?) at a time, provided you’re able to hide your scaly shins beneath jeans and ankle-skimming dresses.

Summer, though, presents a problem. Hot days require dusting down your limbs and piling on the body cream before releasing them back into the wild.

Really, we should be slathering up regularly, since, just like our face, our body can become dehydrated, rough and tight when parched. Realistically, convenience trumps maintenance most times we step out of the shower.

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The solution, is an in-shower alternative. Strictly speaking, they’re nothing new, but if (like me) you’ve been resisting, I’d recommend getting involved. In fact, sworn body cream devotees, might also be persuaded. Why? Because, the hotter temperatures have actually made wearing a thick lotion even more unwelcome than usual. An extra slippery coating on skin in the heat – nope, ta.

As for where to start, there’s the devoted in-shower moisturisers – Nivea started the trend with its affordable Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser for Dry Skin, £3, then Sanctuary upped the ante with its Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, £8. Now, Sanctuary has extended its range to include the Wet Skin Radiance Jelly, £10 (nice and lightweight but a little bit sticky) and the Ultra Rich Wet Skin Moisture Miracle, £10 (ultra-softening, slightly heavier than the original but a God-send if you need a hit of hydration. Still sinks in quick).

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But, if you want to get a bit experimental, you can pretty much look for any shower wash that’s oil-based or super creamy in texture. Glossier’s Shower Oil, £15, is a good example, as is The Body Shop’s Shea Shower Cream, £2, or Dove’s In Shower Argan Oil, £4.99. If you want something extra fancy, treat yourself to Elemis’ delicious Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream, £27.

With the exception of Sanctuary (which you apply to wet skin once you’ve turned the water off), all are best applied while the water’s still running. Bonus: it means you’re still warm, and the extra slip means you can whizz it over your bod in under a minute. Lightly rinse it off before towel drying. The result? Wonderfully soft, hydrated skin without the waiting around. You can thank me later.

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