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Is Jason Statham the mystery buyer of Mayfield Hall or Someone else?




Jason Statham (8)

Stories have been flying around Ashbourne that Jason Statham, a Hollywood actor, could come back to his Derbyshire roots as the new proprietor of Mayfield Hall, a Georgian country house simply outside Ashbourne.

The 49-year-old, Jason Statham, who was born in Shirebrook, is presumably best known for his parts in Guy Ritchie’s movies like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch and the Transporter series. Unbelievably, eight years before Jason Statham made his big appearance in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, he was an expert diver. His love for diving began in school, and Jason was a participant from the British National Diving Squad for over 10 years. In 1990, Jason was a participant from the British jumping group contending at the Commonwealth Games.

Jason Statham (2)However, Jason Statham has been a fashion model also. Statham was approached by Sports Promotions, for modeling as a Sports model. Applauded for a look that wasn’t the run of the mill ‘male model’ style, Jason had a semi-successful career as a model all through the 90s. Though, Statham modelled for sports brands like Adidas, Timberland and Lacoste and for global brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Levis.

Theory in the market town of Ashbourne has been that Jason is the mystery buyer who gobbled up the ten-room manor, a classic country house of historic and architectural importance, which sold recently for £1,750,000.

Jason Statham (1)The Middle Mayfield property is an unbelievable Georgian mansion with exquisite grounds and fine storehouses exhibiting a sublime house yet offering degree for business/recreation opportunities and advancement. The property, which was being offered through real estate agent Fisher German, has been removed off the market and in spite of the fact that the organization hasn’t affirmed the new proprietor’s personality, there are rumors in the wind that a well-known face could soon be spotted around the Ashbourne zone.

Tragically however, there might be a ton of frustrated fans planning to snap a quick selfie with the famous dashing actor as a Birmingham-based legal advisor has ventured forward to state that he is, truth be told, the new owner of the property and not, Jason Statham, the Hollywood heartthrob.

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Jason Statham (5)Jason Statham in action

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