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Jennifer Aydin Teases ‘Demise Of Relationships’ In New ‘RHONJ’ Season – Hollywood Life




In addition to crumbling relationships, Jennifer Aydin put us on the lookout for a ‘shocking revelation’ in Season 10 of ‘RHONJ.’ The Bravo star even gave HollywoodLife an update on her castmates’ current relationships with one another!

Relationships are challenged in Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to first-hand witness Jennifer Aydin! “Just when you think you know it all, you’ll realize that you knew nothing,” the 42-year-old Bravo star told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “And it’s going to be [this] huge, shocking revelation is going to come out.” To prepare us for this big bombshell, we asked Jennifer if that revelation will spiral into something more. “It’s just the demise of relationships,” Jennifer simply said, before adding, “Unfortunately.”

To give us a better picture on the upcoming season that premieres on Nov. 6, Jennifer told HollywoodLife, “Well basically, listen, obviously it’s Season 10, and everyone got really excited about it. But the things that happen on the show, it just happened so organically, everything that progressed, and you’ll see how it plays out. There were some alliances formed, some fallouts, right, towards the end of the season. We all know about people unfollowing each other, so it’s definitely an explosive season. So yes, it’s just a lot of drama. A lot of drama, and obviously a lot of laughs, tears, definitely going to be one to watch.”

Alas, it appears the ladies have made amends since stepping away from the cameras. “The cast, for the most part, is in a good place [now],” Jennifer clarified, except for one person — Danielle Staub! “Nobody is really talking to Danielle at this point, everybody, including Teresa [Giudice],” Jennifer claimed. Danielle was also at the center of a report that claimed she “burnt [Margaret Josephs’] purse with a lit candle,” unintentionally, amid an “explosive argument” at a designer store that made headlines in April of 2019.

Jennifer also found herself in one of these “fallouts” after she and Melissa Gorga had a blowout fight in The Hamptons, as seen in the Season 10 trailer! “I didn’t expect it to get that out of hand,” Jennifer admitted in the other half of our EXCLUSIVE interview. Jennifer revealed they haven’t spoken since glasses flew at that heated lunch! To watch this aforementioned “demise of relationships” unfold, you’ll have to tune into Bravo on Wednesday, November 6, at 8 p.m. ET.

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