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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake and paired up at the birthday bash:




Jessica Biel (10)

Both the singer Justin Timberlake and the ravishing actress Jessica Biel are making America role again. The actress who turned thirty-five this Friday received a mind blowing birthday party from her husband. She released a post on the social media and a cute picture on the Instagram showcasing both of them adorned in patriotic-themed T-shirts that held the words ‘‘Make America Skate Again’’. To complement this style of hers she paired it with the retro bell bottom in blue reflecting the 70s-style. At the same time, her husband Timberlake, posted a video on his own page that showed him skating in a white, red and a blue jacket with a calf-high socks, shorts rolled up that brought out his party rocker look.


With this JT has received the attention of the viewers that no more hesitate calling him the best contestant for husband of the year award and for coming up with the best birthday bash in the town. Right after the fame of this party, coming up with the concept of the American skater party made the actress promptly chose the theme for the party, i.e. ‘‘Make America Skate Again’’ and brought this on Instagram to share the fun filled bash with the masses.


Jessica Biel extended love and thanks to her husband with a shot taken from the same night. The picture was captioned with the following quote:


‘This is what birthday dreams are made of. Thank you, my love, for throwing me the most epic jam skate party ever.’’


‘My inner Xanadu was fully realized. I love you to the moon and back. And then back again.’


To make the party more happening, the singer came up with a slow motion video from the night, dressed up in a 90s style outfit having an American flag bomber, shorts and a yellow cap pulled along with the American flag socks.


Seeing all the pictures and collecting news from all the sources, the newly turned 35 actress, Jessica Biel, had a night full of fun. With all her good will and a cute smile, she posted selfies with her husband highlighting the theme on their respective tops. The couple had a great time and the singers wish wasn’t complete without his number ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and wishing Jessica Biel the birthday wishes in the best possible way he could think of.

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