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Jessica Parker Addressing Women Work-wear Construct




Jessica Parker (10)

This time at the International Women’s Day, Jessica Parker aimed at addressing the female workwear constructs. She is a diversified personality, i.e. designer, actress, producer and a book publisher. She is a firm supporter of staying confident at one’s personality. Jessica Parker encouraged women for being themselves and live life fully, with respect to their corporate roles.

She has been reported stating her agenda regarding the norms relating office dress codes:

‘‘I work the shoe floor [for my SJP Collection brand] and a big part of my conversations with customers is to tell them that if you are wearing a purple shoe, that doesn’t make your brain any less capable. You are still the same person that comes with all the same information’’

Her speech went parallel to Monday’s debates held at the English parliamentary committee that brings into light the companies that compel women to wear definite dress items within the office premises. The discussion was followed by a petition by Nicola Thorp, somebody who was terminated from her position as a receptionist at PWC soon after Jessica Parker refused on wearing heels on the job.

A report pertaining Women and Equalities was published in January, the same parliamentary committee raising matters concerning the working women and their wardrobe requirements. The report highlights:

‘‘We decided to investigate these issues. It is fair to say that what we found shocked us. We found attitudes that were more 1850s than to the 21st century.’’

Jessica Parker has a two year old label entitled as SJP Collection that brings out the aesthetic preferences of the women. She was seen on the shoe floor, un-announced at Bloomingdale’s floor, spotted hearing out the thoughts of women. And one of the issues Jessica Parker faced in selling heals to the American market, includes the societal notions that specify the shoes to be worn at work.

Jessica Parker has been found stating that a neutral show movement has always been in play for the working women,

‘’As women were moving into the workforce in all positions, I think people thought that it wasn’t a threat to be as close to a male as you could be, and that’s a hard habit to break but we’ve seen women make different choices.’’

Jessica Parker added to this that:

“Men are allowed to wear any color of tie to the office and for women, shoes should be their tie.”


We tend to think of the black pump as what’s appropriate for the office and my goal is to introduce the idea of color.”

Overall, Jessica Parker was in complete support of women and revolutionizing the system in this regard.

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Jessica Parker (1)Gorgeous Jessica Parker Jessica Parker (2)Jessica Parker smile Jessica Parker (3) Jessica Parker (4) Jessica Parker (5)Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress, producer, and designer

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