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John Wesley Shipp Superhero Of The Flash 1990 to 1991




John Wesley Shipp became a famous hunk after his great success with his comic book superhero character in year 1990 and as Dawson Leery’s father in Dawson’s Creek in the year 1998. He lived in the New York City to pursue his study in the field of acting following the college and was taken up to fame for the very first time by playing the most amazing role of his life as Dr. Kelly Nelson in Guiding Light (1980).

John Wesley Shipp is also titled to two back to back daytime Emmy awards for his work in soaps, the first one from As the World Turns (1956), followed by the second from Santa Barbara (1984). John Wesley Shipp has played the roles of Barry Allen/The Flash in the series The Flash (1990) and as his father Henry Allen in the 2014 series of The Flash.

John Wesley Shipp (5)More about John Wesley Shipp:

Date of Birth:                    

22 January 1955

Place of Birth:                  

Norfolk, Virginia, USA


6′ 1″ or 1.85 m

Field of expertise:

Acting and Direction

Famous Projects:

John Wesley Shipp (4)Some of his (John Wesley Shipp) famous works include: 

  • Dawson’s Creek(1998),
  • Guiding Light (1952) and
  • One Life to Live(1968).

Famous Performances and achievements of John Wesley Shipp:

  • The lead in CBS’s superhero series The Flash from year 1990 to 1991 as Barry Allen.
  • His role as Mitch Leery, in the series Dawson’s Creek from the year 1998 to 2001.
  • Various other dramas that he took up in his career included daytime soap operas such as Guiding Light from 1980 to 1984 as Kelly Nelson.
  • He got his first Emmy Award for the year 1985 to 1986 in As the World Turns as Douglas Cummings.

John Wesley Shipp – The incident:

John Wesley Shipp’s father was a respectful Minister at Ridgecrest Baptist Church while he was going for High School in Wake Forest, NC. An incident took place at night when a couple of his friends were visiting and firing broke out all of a sudden. If sources are to be believed, KKK fired shots to his house, as some of his friends were African American. To make an account of the event, some old television guide from that time period, John’s interview is conducted covering this event.

*Fact: John Wesley Shipp also managed to grab two major roles in award gaining “Dancing at Lughnasa” and as Harvey Feirstein’s love interest in “Safe S*x,” in the show as his debut.

John Wesley Shipp (1)

John Wesley Shipp (3)   John Wesley Shipp holding The Flash SketchJohn Wesley Shipp (6)John Wesley Shipp wallpapers

John Wesley Shipp (7)John Wesley Shipp American Actor and Director

John Wesley Shipp (8)John Wesley Shipp smile

John Wesley Shipp (9)

John Wesley Shipp (10)John Wesley Shipp as Berry Allen

John Wesley Shipp (11)John Wesley Shipp The Flash 1990 Series

John Wesley Shipp (2)John Wesley Shipp Pictures

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