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Johnny Depp, Career, Personal Life




The versatile and the charming actor of Hollywood, Johnny Depp, was born in 1963 June 3rd. He is not only an actor but a musician and a producer as well. Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. He is the youngest among his siblings and had a violent upbringing. Johnny Depp told that he was used to get hit for everything he used to do.

Johnny Depp (1)Johnny Depp past:

  • Johnny Depp father John Christopher Depp was a civil engineer and his mother worked as a waitress.
  • Johnny Depp was 15 when his parents got divorced.
  • His brought up was done in Florida and studied in school till he was 15.
  • At first Johnny Depp tried his career in music field after leaving school. But then he got married to Lori Anne Allison who was the sister of his band’s singer.
  • In order to support his family, he also once worked as a salesman.

*Fact: Johnny Depp’s family changed 20 places in his childhood until they settled in Florida.*

Johnny Depp acting career:

Johnny Depp visited Los Angeles along his wife where Nicolas cage recommended him to start acting. Then he did his debut film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” in 1984. The couple got divorced in 1985. In 1987 he replaced Jeff Yagher in a TV series which then became a means to his stardom. Johnny Depp also played a title role in 1990 in “Edward Scissorhands” which was a huge success. Successively he also did a lead role in Ed Wood (1994).

*Fact: When cage had some financial trouble, Johnny Depp offered to pay his debts as a gesture of thanks for starting his career in acting.*

Johnny Depp did a FBI agent role in 1997 in Donnie Brasco. He also did “Fear and Loathing”  in 1998. Then in 1999 he did a horror film known as “The Astronaut’s Wife”. In the same year he did another movie “Sleppy Hollow”. In 2001 he appeared in “From Hell”. “Once upon a time in Maxico” (2003) was one of greatest hits. Johnny Depp did another block buster character of Jack Sparrow in “The Pirates of Caribbean”. This movie led his career to another road of success. He got nominated in Oscar for this role too.

*Fact: he has been nominated as “The Sexiest Man Alive” twice by the fans.”.

Johnny Depp (2)Some of Johnny Depp hit movies:

In the successive years, some of his amazing movies are:

  • Finding Neverland (2004),
  • The Libertine (2004),
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005),
  • Alice in the Wonderland (2010), and later on
  • In the Dark Shadows (2012).

Furthermore, he played a leading role in Black Mass (2015) which also got nominated in Oscars. In the current year, his two releases are “Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie” and the sequel of Alice in the wonderland which is “ Alice Through the Looking Glass”.

*Fact: Johnny Depp thrice got nominated in Oscar for his acting but couldn’t make it till yet.*

Johnny Depp (3)Johnny Depp personal life:

Johnny Depp had been engaged with four girls in his life time. i.e.

  • Sherilyn Fenn,
  • Jennifer Grey,
  • Winona Ryder and,
  • Kate Moss.

He has two kids with Vanessa Paradise, though they never got married. His second marriage was last year i.e. 2015 with Amber Heard which is currently on fires. His wife accused him of domestic abuse with pictures and messages as evidence and even filed a case for divorce against him; whereas, he claims that he has been trapped. Looking forward for the truth to be revealed!

*Fact: Johnny Depp got a tattoo for one of his fiancés “Winona Forever”. After their breakup he reformed the writing into “Wino Forever”.

Johnny Depp (4)Johnny Depp hair

Johnny Depp (5)Johnny Depp current look

Johnny Depp (6)Johnny Depp long hair

Johnny Depp (7)Johnny Depp in hat

Johnny Depp (8)Johnny Depp Pictures

Johnny Depp (9)Johnny Depp tattoo

Johnny Depp (10)Johnny Depp hat

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