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Justin Bieber Shares Racy Details About Hailey Baldwin Marriage on Comeback Single ‘Yummy’




The new song is serving as the lead single off the Canadian superstar’s forthcoming album, which will mark his first album since his 2015 effort ‘Purpose’.

Justin Bieber is finally back! Following his hiatus, the Canadian superstar has finally returned to the music industry with the release of his new single “Yummy” that is serving as the lead single for his upcoming album.

The flirtatious track finds Justin gushing over his wife Hailey Baldwin. “It ain’t no stable, no you stay on the run/ Ain’t on the side, you’re number one,” he sings, before getting a little bit racy in the next verse, “Light a match, get litty, babe/ That jet set, watch the sunset kinda, yeah yeah/ Rollin’ eyes back in my head, make my toes curl, yeah yeah.”

Considering it’s been a long time since Justin released his own single, “Yummy” soon took over the charts by storm. It topped Spotify’s charts in six countries, including the United States and Canada. It also became trending on social media, with one person jokingly calling it the “sexy cousin” of Drake‘s “Hotline Bling”. Another joked, “If having sex is good imagine having sex with justin bieber and him writing a song about how you make him lose his mind. Hailey darling you won at life.”

Justin’s new album, which still doesn’t have a release date, will be his first album since his 2015 record “Purpose”. Along with the forthcoming R&B effort, Justin announced that he would be embarking on a tour in support of the album as well as releasing a docuseries on YouTube. The teaser for the upcoming series has been unveiled with the world.

“As humans, we are imperfect. My past, my mistakes, all the things that I’ve been through, I believe that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and God has me right where he wants me,” he said in the teaser. “I feel like this is different than the previous albums just because of where I’m at in my life. I’m excited to perform it and to tour it. We all have different stories. I’m just excited to share mine.”

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