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K-Pop might have a new super couple as it’s being reported that TWICE girl group member Jihyo was spotted on a date with singer Kang Daniel. Fans are going wild about the news.

The K-Pop world erupted with emotions when on Aug. 4 the site  Dispatch reported that South Korean girl group TWICE member Jihyo, 22, was spotted on a date with fellow K-Pop star Kang Daniel, also 22. They have reportedly been seeing each other since the start of the year, but have been incredibly secretive about it. They went out on an Aug. 1 date in Seoul’s neighborhood of Hannam-dong according to the site. Jihyo reportedly drove to Kang’s highly secured residence. Dispatch had photos of Jihyo arriving and Kang’s home in her white Mercedes while wearing a white surgical mask to hide her identity

The two reportedly met last year through a mutual industry contact. “An [idol] sunbae close to Kang Daniel and Jihyo introduced the two to each other,” the site reports, adding that they’ve seen each other about once a week for the past seven months. Both sides have yet to confirm the relationship. Meanwhile JYP Entertainment said, “They have good feelings towards each other.”

K-Pop fans took to Twitter to comment on the news. “2019 is the year of popular kpop idols dating, let’s give our fullest support to Jihyo and Kang Daniel. We can’t lose another couple like JenKai. LET’S PROTECT THEM. #KangDaniel #JIHY” one user wrote. Another added “If Kang Daniel & Jihyo are actually dating, I better not see any of you bitches sending hate to EITHER of them. We’re going to let them date in peace & give them the privacy they deserve.”

Kang Daniel, it’s you’re job to make Jihyo’s plate every night, wash her work clothes, make sure she’s up for work the next morning, make her breakfast, always have a clean house for her to come home to and respect her as the woman of the

— jason ☆ (@richtaehyun) August 5, 2019

“When u thought JenKai was already the most powerful couple, then Kang Daniel & Jihyo, legends, drop the bomb,” another fan tweeted while a Jihyo admirer wrote “wow imagine getting to date JIHYO. kang daniel better treat her right or else.” Meanwhile, some fans were upset at Dispatch for sharing the photos and seeming to out them as a couple when they tried so hard to keep things undercover. “Thats their privacy, so let them be happy. stop it, dispatch,” one person noted.

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