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Lady Gaga An American Singer, Songwriter And Actress




  • The date of birth: 28th March, 1986 in New York, USA
  • Her complete birth name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
  • Her height: 5′ 1″ i.e. 1.55 m
  • Her nicknames are many, including Loopy, Gaga, Germ and Sucra.

Lady Gaga (1)Lady Gaga – A SHORT BIOGRAPHY:

Lady Gaga born in New York city with the name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is a multi-talented American artist that is categorized as a songwriter, actress, a singer, as a philanthropist, a great dancer and last but not the least as a fashion designer. She was born in the year 1986 in Manhattan, New York City, to her parents named Joseph Anthony Germanotta, Jr. who happened to be at an internet entrepreneur and Cynthia Louise.

Lady Gaga (4)Lady Gaga’s has an Italian descent while and her mother comes with half French-Canadian, half Italian and English, and Scottish linkage. Lady Gaga had a passion for singing from a very tender age and started playing piano when she was quite young. She went to Convent of the Sacred Heart and was bullied by other students for her appearance that included a small plump figure ad a large frontal tooth and also for her unconventional habits.

At age of fourteen, she performed in clubs and bars while at the age of seventeen she was admitted to Tisch School of the Arts, a university in New York. Late at the age of nineteen, she left parents’ home to take a big move for her singing career and also started a band that grabbed great attention.

Lady Gaga (6)She had a partnership for a short duration with scout Rob Fusari, getting her a name. Later she got to sign Def Jam Records in the year 2006; but unfortunately got her name out of the label right after her first three months. This made her return home, become more passionate and go on drugs at the same time.

In year 2007 Lady Gaga was signed by Vince Herbert to Streamline Records. This was a break through and got her appreciated for her writing skills, paving her way to a great future.

Lady Gaga (7)In 2008 Lady Gaga had her first album out with the title: ‘The Fame’ followed by her mega hit ‘Just Dance’ becoming the song of the year 2009. Later to this hit she received many awards and came up with hits like ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Poker Face and ‘Love Game.

In the year 2011 Lady Gaga came out with her second album titled ‘Born this Way’ receiving even more critical acclamation compared to the earlier release as Lady Gaga unveiled topics like religion, politics and sexuality.

In the year 2012, Lady Gaga came out on number four on Billboard grossing he sum of with sales of Born This Way and because of her Monster Ball Tour. After this there had been no end for Gaga’s fame.

 Lady Gaga (2)Lady Gaga red lipstick Lady Gaga (3)Lady Gaga simple  Lady Gaga (5)Lady Gaga hot   Lady Gaga (8)

Lady Gaga (9)Lady Gaga Pictures

lady-gaga-hot-1Lady Gaga legs Lady Gaga hot poseLady Gaga hot pose

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