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Lizzo Defended After Ariana Grande’s Fans Cancel Her Over ‘Good as Hell’





Fans of the Nickelodeon alum are mad because the ‘Truth Hurts’ rapper doesn’t give Ariana proper credit after the original version of ‘Good as Hell’ makes it to the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Those who logged in on Twitter on Monday, November 4 might have noticed #LizzoIsOverParty was trending on the social media site. Lizzo has been dragged by Ariana Grande‘s fans for not giving props to her “Good as Hell” remix collaborator after the original one made it to the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

It appeared Ariana’s fans believed that the one which charted on the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100 was the remix one, thus they were mad when the Nickelodeon alum’s name was not credited on the chart. But rather than getting mad at the publication, those devotees fully put the blame on the “Truth Hurts” rapper.

“Maybe if Lizzo was actually talented she could’ve gotten #1 without using aris name,” one upset fan wrote, while another seemed to be in disbelief, “She really used ariana and didn’t give her any credit ok.” Someone else, meanwhile, said, “She’s over. Cheap and tacky, enjoy the number one because wbk your career will fade out in a couple of years.”

Fortunately for Lizzo, other social media users couldn’t stand watching her being wrongly accused like that and were quick to come to her defense. “This generation of f***ing idiots she did credit her but the one you dummies are streaming is the regular version not the remix you f***ing f**ktards that’s why it hit #6,” one wrote.

“I’m confused at where the controversy is?? The song that’s on the charts is the one Lizzo released 3 years ago and Ariana isn’t even in it. The one that Ariana’s featured in has her credited so… how is #LizzoIsOverParty fair lol like she literally was credited,” another said, prompting one other to chime in, “Exactly the one that’s trending is the song she made 3 years ago without ariana grande… people are insane.”

One Ariana fan even defended Lizzo after realizing that her fellow fans were being “ridiculous.” The said fan tweeted, “Good as hell was already popular before the ari remix… that’s why ari remixed it. Lizzo didn’t have anything to do with the credits… that was billboard. As an arianators myself, this is ridiculous… so keep clowning.”

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