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Lucy Hale An American Actress And A Country Singer




Lucy Hale is an American singer and actress and has appeared in a number of series and films. She is best known for portraying the role of Aria Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars. The series is famous for its intriguing plot and she gets to play the lead role in the series. Lucy Hale has also won People’s Choice Award for this role. She was one of the five winners of the reality show American Juniors. In 2014, she released her debut album Road Between. With the release of this album she showed her fans the singer that resides in her.

Being a Hale fan you must be aware of her life. This article brings you the facts that you do not know. Hale while away from the lime light has many secrets that this article will make you familiar with.

Lucy Hale (11)Interesting facts about Lucy Hale:

  1. Do you know the real name of Lucy Hale? Her real name is Karen but she is known by the formal.
  2. She also established herself as a country music singer.
  3. Lucy Hale wore braces for about three years.
  4. She has just one real sister and four stepsisters.
  5. Who does not know about the famous series How I Met Your Mother? Well if you are a fan and remember the series then you must know that Lucy Hale appeared in two episodes.
  6. Lucy Hale is a terrible driver. If you do not believe it then please try sitting next to her in a car.
  7. She has an acrophobia that is the fear of heights.
  8. Do you know Lucy Hale has a total of eight ear piercings?
  9. Lucy Hale believes in ghosts and paranormal activity intrigues her.
  10. She is a huge fan of Dolly Parton and wants to meet her.
  11. Do you know about the first thing that Lucy Hale notices in people? It is their teeth. She is obsessed with a set of good teeth.
  12. Though her character in Pretty Little Liars forces her to lie but in real life she does not lie. She says that it makes her anxious to even think of telling a lie.
  13. Lucy Hale has a crush on Adam Broody.
  14. Sadly she has suffered form an eating disorder. She opened up about this in 2012 during an interview.

Lucy Hale has her own personal life when she is away from the lime light and the celebrity life. These secrets that are unraveled in this article show her to be a normal girl.

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