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Mila Kunis (7)

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Mila Kunis has been seen in news as she is found in LA making out with his man, Ashton Kutcher in a latest date night. She was seen wearing a shirt bearing a statement Happy Mom Happy Life statement when seen in the Studio City on Wednesday. The actress went on without make-up, coming up with her natural beauty and stunning complexion even at the age of 33. This hits the news as the US weekly puts on the report that the star ‘made out’ with her husband Ashton in the Ink restaurant.

Mila Kunis – When she came up with NO Makeup:

The star going out with no make-up on grabbed the attention of media and won her praise for her ravishing beauty. The Republican Senator expressed thanks to the 70s Show actor for taking out time and making up for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Wednesday, soon followed by fun remarks for the actresses’ looks. He was reported saying:

‘’I also want to thank Elisa and Ashton. Ashton you were better looking in the movies,’’Mila Kunis (7)

McCain jabbed. However, Mila Kunis turned back to him with a great response for the moment and to complement the senator’s remark by blowing out a kiss for him and stimulating a thrill and laughter from the side of audience.

In the same time she is occupied for the year with her sequel coming for the comedy hit i.e. “Bad Moms – Bad Mom’s Christmas”. The movie shall bring out a great cast including:

  • Mila playing out as Amy,
  • Kathryn Hahn playing out as Carla, and
  • Kristen Bell playing out as Kiki

Showing all trying hard to cope with their respective moms who are all struggling to cope when their respective mothers visit for the holidays.

Mila Kunis (3)Mila Kunis smile

Mila Kunis has been recently spotted with her husband, Ashton Kutcher stepping out in rain to make out a day for breakfast with their baby boy. Reports state that it was flashing flood warning across the Southern California, even then Mila Kunis along with her husband took up the rain dress and went out with their cute son, Dimitri for a breakfast in Los Angeles, as the rain poured down. The actress was spotted in a black and white color combo and in her denim wear.Mila Kunis (8)

The beautiful actress Mila Kunis turned put as a fit mom that gave birth to her youngest kid just three months back. However, beside recent delivery of a child turned out to appear in a stripped snug shirt.

 Mila Kunis (2)Mila Kunis Pictures

Mila Kunis (6)  Mila Kunis (4)Mila Kunis hot pose Mila Kunis (5)Mila Kunis hot

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