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Six Best Movies Of Nicolas Cage




Nicolas Kim Copala, mostly known as Nicolas Cage, has done a lot of movies in the Hollywood and his career span to more than 30 years with lots of successful and unsuccessful films. He has done films of various genres such as comedy, romantic and action. Cage’s choice of movies has been daring and fearless, which eventually helped him in getting some of the most remarkable roles. Cage starred in many films such as Valley Girl, Raising Arizona, Moon struck, Vampire’s Kiss, Peggy Sue Got Married, Wild at Heart, Raising Arizona and Adaptation. Nicolas Cage has been nominated twice in Academy Award for his role in Leaving Las Vegas giving a performance of a suicidal alcoholic. Nicolas Cage once described his own unique way to adapt to a role as “Nouveau Shamanic”

Nicolas Cage (3)Nicolas Cage’s Six Best Movies:

  1. “Valley Girl” is the movie that comes to mind when thinking about Nicolas cage’s glorious career in film industry. When he first appeared in this movie he was described as “hunk” by his fans. The plot of the movie was somewhat based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The film gained mostly positive reviews.
  2. In “Raising Arizona” Nicolas Cage got the character of Herbert and it was produced by Cohen Brothers. He is not rated high as a comedian but he delivered his remarkable performance for this film. It was listed 45th on the Bravo’s 100 most funny films and 31st on America’s Film Institute 100 Years.
  3. “Vrij Nederland”, a Dutch Magazine, rated its bank robbery scene as one of the best 5 bank robbery scenes of film industry.
  4. In his role in “Leaving Las Vegas”, Nicolas Cage won an Oscar and it was his first at Golden globes. The story is quite captivating and the way Cage has portrayed his character’s depth has given him a place among the most talented actors of Hollywood. He actually drank for two weeks for this movie in order to listen to how Nicolas Cage speaks as a drunkard and certainly improvised it in his role.
  5. Another movie “face off” has him as a terrorist. It was universally acclaimed. Both Travolta and Cage crawled into the other role so superbly that one leading magazine said that “One has to re go through some scenes in order to realize that the other actor is acting”.
  6. Adaptation is the other film that has been regarded as one of the highlights of Nicolas Cage acting career. It was considered by many critics as deep and thought provoking.

 Nicolas Cage (2)Nicolas Cage Pictures  Nicolas Cage (4)Nicolas Cage suit

Nicolas Cage (5)Nicolas Cage smile

Nicolas Cage (6)Nicolas Cage funny face

Nicolas Cage (7)Nicolas Cage from the movie Con air

Nicolas Cage (8)Nicolas Cage in funky pose

Nicolas Cage (9)Nicolas Cage in beard

Nicolas Cage (10)

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