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Outrank your competitors in 2020 with these 5 E-commerce Marketing Tips

Ronak Meghani



In today’s competitive world it is very important to stay afloat and adjust according to the current market trend. The world has witnessed a rise of new companies and old veterans getting out of business. One of the major factors in this is the marketing strategy. Marketing strategy should always be aimed at creating a brand out of your business and always hitting the right spots.

1. Content Marketing

It doesn’t matter if you’re ooh-ing over the new Instagram story, smiling at the GIF you’ve discovered on Twitter, or genuinely questioning your future after a mind-blowing personal improvement report, the Internet is entertainment. That means as you’re going to need information on the Internet. So what is content marketing? Content marketing is a method of creating online marketing materials ( e.g. blog posts, informative videos, infographics, GIFs, images etc.) that helps you in attracting your target audience by giving them some valuable inputs and information. Its purpose is not to sell directly but to educate potential customers about your product(s) and services, which is achieved by developing thought leadership and spreading awareness about your brand.

2. Referral Marketing

One of the best (and still underestimated) e-commerce marketing practices is reference marketing. This is a simple reason: we are all social creatures and love to share our experiences with our family and friends. It is also beneficial for us we help each other avoid bad experiences and support each other in having a positive experience for locations.Whether you like it or not, people will share it with their friends about you. Would you not like to share with your brand and company something positive? You can also consult the eCommerce development company to outrank your competitors.

3. Use data and automation to make connections

Nevertheless, George Afouxenidis, digital marketing content author of the Bulk SMS Route service, said that brands would also like to use a wide variety of customer details accessible to you so that their customer journey can be seamless. “The useful knowledge generated by an automation marketing area is capable of optimizing the segmentation between e-commerce consumers and brick and mortar retail outlets..”The brand can use segmented information to convey highly customized, effectively transforming messages, just as the many apparel dealer have done and to increase its flagship’s online sales and foot traffic by more than 30% over a month. As many clothing dealers have done, the brand can use segmented information to deliver customized, effective messages and to increase its flagship online sales and foot traffic by more than 30 percent over a month.

4. Try filters and QR codes

Sneh Ratna Choudhary, Beaconstac digital marketer, says social media filters like Snapchat and Instagram will offer unique shopping experience to eCommerce brands. That includes Levi’s Denim brand, which enables Snapchat users to scan QR codes in the shop and digitally check their jacket by using Kylie Cosmetics online, and Kylie Jenner’s makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics, which used Instagram filters to help users to see what their latest lipsticks looked like.In a similar way, QR codes in printed advertisements can be conveniently found by customers on the website of advertisers. “These QR codes typically are contextual enough that users can open up new deals at various times of the day, “said Choudhary. ‘Last year, sent a gift catalog that which contained qr code to enable its customer who are parents to buy toys and other things for their kids seamlessly. This was nice because of the vacuum created after Toys R Us was shut down.

5. Pay per click ads

If you search organically for keywords, you might question why your e-commerce platform needs pay-per-click ads (PPCs). You would definitely want to focus on PPC advertisements for moving traffic — at least at the beginning of the promotion of your eCommerce platform. With Google advertising, it’s easy for you to set up your advertisements to view, if users are famous, then they are really useful for increasing traffic to your eCommerce website. You won’t cost a penny if people don’t press your ads. You can also hire eCommerce Developer if you having any queries.

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