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“People Are Starting To Trust Cryptocurrencies Again” Said Daniel Tanner, CEO and co-founder of Platon Finance




Platon Finance

Platon Finance and CoinPayments announce a collaboration to help make Crypto Payments And Adoption easier. Cryptocurrencies took the world by storm. Based on blockchain technology, the ease of sending digital tokens that carry value, from one part of the world to another, without the need of intermediaries or banks at lightning speed meant a level of efficiency and economy that was never seen before.

Since there is no single entity that controls the digital money, certain robust protocols are employed, making it hard to illegally access wallets or transfer money. This has led to regular use of cryptocurrencies sometimes a bit complex for the ordinary man. The extreme long wallet addresses, confirmation on the blockchain, multiple public addresses and the trouble of having wallets on mobile or computers are one of the reasons that many people tend to avoid cryptocurrencies. The volatile nature of digital tokens is also a major factor due to which people tend to avoid storing their hard earned money in.

Teaming with CoinPayments

As a blockchain based platform that is designed specifically to combat the current issues faced in adoption of cryptocurrencies, Platon Finance is creates an ecosystem that forms an air of trust and ease for users. It does not matter if the user is a professional trader, an enthusiast or someone who is about to use cryptos for the first time, the platform offers a chance to people to join and utilize cryptocurrencies in their every daily lives. Platon Finance offers a wide range of services that include educational material, trading bots, plugins for merchants to start accepting crypto payments, debit cards that can be used to pay for in any store and even insurance.

To further their cause of daily live use of cryptocurrencies, Platon Finance platform has joined hands with CoinPayments, one of the largest gateway payment systems for cryptocurrencies. Platon Financie will receive a boost through this partnership, as CoinPayments will be enabling thousands of merchants to accept their native token, the PlatonCoin (PLTC). As a platform that is always eager to support emerging tokens and coins, the partnership with CoinPayment was an obvious choice.

People are starting to trust cryptocurrencies again, but it’s important that new projects provide the associated security required in the growing crypto environment” said CEO and co-founder of Platon Finance platform, Daniel Tanner, “CoinPayments shares our same values, and our goal to create a crypto environment that not only focuses on trust and security, but it’s also user-friendly and simple to understand.”

We’re really excited about our partnership with Platon Finance which aims to address four issues with the industry: usability, trust, security, and adoption of blockchain technology.” the energy was shared by CoinPayments Operations Lead, Sean Mackey shared, “CoinPayments values all four of these pillars, so we’re happy to provide support for PlatonCoin, and to working together to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

About Platon Finance

Daniel Tanner, the cofounder of Platon Finance, brings with him an experience of more than 15 years information technology sector. Daniel Tanner founded Platon Finance in 2017 when he saw that the most efficient and useful technology to come out of the IT sector, cryptocurrency and blockchain, were not being given the exposure they deserved due to the complexities involved. The Platon Finance has been created to counter this and bring cryptos in the mainstream.

Towards this mission, Platon Finance offers:

  • B2B and B2C Adoption: Crypto usage can never become a mainstream thing until merchants and e commerce platforms do not start accepting crypto. Platon Finance offers APIs and plugins where merchants can connect with their payment systems and let Platon take care of the transactions.
  • Symantic Technology: Even through blockchain is one of the most secure technologies, one thing that cannot be enough is more security. Platon Finance provides an even more robust layer with Symantic’s secure technology, giving one of the best secure networks.
  • Platon Club: A social place for crypto enthusiasts, whether experts or novices, to connect and help understand cryptocurrencies. This club is specifically designed to enable people to use cryptocurrencies as easy as using traditional fiat.
  • Platon Insurance: With coverage of USD 500,000, Platon Finance offers insurance to its users for protecting their digital assets. This is one of the biggest advantages of the platform. No other crypto platforms offer this kind of insurance.
  • Platon Cards: For users who prefer to swipe cards in places that do not yet accept cryptos, Platon Cards come in handy. As good as any debit card, powered by crypto, making payments in fiat.
  • Trading Bots: Using automated bots for trading means users can trade ever faster. Dedicated programs for partner exchange gives the edge traders need today.

With its native PLTC coin, an ERC20 compliant native token, the platform gives its users one of the easiest ways to adopt cryptocurrencies and use them in their daily lives.

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