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Pros and Cons of Hiring an AV Rental Company

Andrea Bell




Whether it is a school recital or a big corporate event, it is impossible not to use audiovisual equipment. In this time and era, pictures talk to people more than a person narrating the story without any visuals.

Images are understood better, and graphics are catchier than plain old oral statistics talking. Business conferences nowadays are conducted with thoughtful documentaries and graphics summarizing the core concepts.

So, what makes an event successful? The answer is right there: a good-quality audiovisual system. It is the key to spiking the interest of the audience. Therefore, event planning involves the search for high-quality audiovisual equipment right after the venue is sorted out.

Buying AV equipment incurs big expenses and not everyone can afford it. Thus, you can either utilize the equipment provided by the venue or surf for a distinguished and reliable AV rental company.

Going for the first option is a whole other topic. In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of renting AV equipment from a company for your event. So, let’s dive in.

Pros of Hiring AV Rental Company

  1. Less of an Effort

One of the biggest benefits of hiring AV rental company for your event is that it can save you from fretting over the details of setting up, connecting, and testing the equipment.

The rental company is there to look over such matters while you designate your efforts towards other aspects of the event.

It gives you peace of mind, and you can relax while they look after how the speakers should be set up and where the projector should be installed.

  1. Saves Equipment Storage Space

If you organize events frequently, you would know how much of a hassle it is to store all the equipment and its paraphernalia properly. It requires extra space with proper cleaning and maintenance. Hiring an AV rental company saves you from this extra effort.

  1. Transportation

Transporting those high-end speakers and amplifiers to and from the warehouse is strenuous and costly. It takes physical as well as monetary effort to carry the AV equipment and set it up at the venue.

The biggest benefit of choosing an AV rental company for your event is that you don’t have to worry about the handling and transportation of equipment. A reliable and efficient AV rental company takes care of these matters efficiently.

They carry the equipment securely to and from the location. It also handles the equipment with care.

  1. Upgraded Equipment

If you hire a reputed AV rental company that has a strong portfolio and testimonials, then you are in good hands. Such companies have the best and latest equipment.

They regularly purchase the latest models of speakers and other equipment, such as switching systems, speakers, and projectors.

Cons of Hiring an AV Rental Company

Before you run to call an AV rental company, hold on a minute and consider some cons of hiring them:

  1. Cost

Event organization is a costly task. Hiring a reputed AV rental company can soar up the cost even further. Of course, the event budget includes all this cost. But, in cases when your event might stretch longer than planned, hiring an AV rental company becomes very expensive.

AV rental companies charge by hours, so even if the event is extended for an hour or two, it is a burden on the expenses.

  1. Hard to Arrange on Short Notice

Among one of the disadvantages of hiring a rental company is calling them on short notice. A good and reputable AV rental company is usually entirely booked for months in advance.

Thus, if you want a successful event with impeccable sound and video arrangements immediately, you might have to compromise on quality.

  1. Delayed Response to a Technical Difficulty

Also, one of the cons of hiring an AV rental company rather than using the in-house AV system is the tackling of issues by the team. The rental company is, of course, a third party, which implies that the venue might not be familiar to them.

In case of any technical difficulty, such as a wiring fault or any other related issue, it might take the third party more time to address the problem than the in-house team.

The Takeaway

Hiring an AV rental company for your event is a decision for which you have to consider several things. The answer lies in numerous factors including the vision and aim of your organization.

If your company frequently organizes events and conferences, then you should invest in buying your equipment. However, if your annual budget is limited, then hiring an AV rental company is a better choice.

An AV rental company saves you from the hassle of storing and transporting the equipment. On the other hand, it also restricts your choices of event dates and versatility.

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