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Salma Hayek started her career on television in a play called “Teresa”. It was her leading role in Mexican industry which catapulted her career as an actress. Later, she moved to Hollywood and was signed for desperado alongside Antonio Bandera. Her career spans to more than 30 successful years in Hollywood. Salma Hayek later on directed and produced films and drama for television. She also did modelling in the beginning of her career. She won Daytime Emmy Award for The Maldonado Miracle for outstanding direction of the film.

Salma Hayek (1)Salma Hayek’s Top Four Movies:

  1. Salma Hayek produced a film called Frida in 2002. She played a lead role and sang a Mexican song in it called La Bruja. She also financed this movie and it took years for this movie to hit the big screen. This film gained her success and it was nominated for six academy awards. She also got nominated for Oscars for her movie. She was the first Latin actress who was nominated and won the best actress nomination at Academy Awards. For this film she was also nominated in the category of best actress in Academy Awards. In BAFTA she was nominated as the leading lady role and in Golden Globe award Salma Hayek was nominated for best actress. While in Screen Actors Guild award she was nominated in best performance by a female artist.
  2. Another film Desparado by Rodriguez garnered more success on her and she was lauded by her fans all around the world. This was an action movie; which shows how verstile Salma Hayek is. Her chemistry with Antonio mesmerized the audience and both of their fans all over the world.
  3. Salma Hayek later appeared in “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” movie, which was the last film of the Mariachi Trilogy. She also acted and produced the show called “Ugly Betty”. It was based on another Colombian show with the same story as of “Betty La Fea”. Salma Hayek starred as a guest appearance in various episodes as Sofia Reyes. This show won Golden Globe best Comedy series award and in Emmy Awards she was nominated as the best guest actress in a comedy series.
  4. Salma Hayek also Played Elisa in “30 Rock”, a comedy series, in some episodes. She received a lot of appraise from the fans of the show and was known as the best love interest in the drama.

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