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Shahid Afridi – The Boom Boom Khan




Shahid Afridi (2)

Shahid Afridi is one of the most known professional cricketers of Pakistan. He has managed a huge fan following due to his tremendous batting skills across the nation. The legend was born on 1st march (1980) and belongs to the Federal administered tribal areas of Pakistan. As he is from the afridi tribe of Pashtun, the cricket icon has a background that strictly follows the Pathan culture. Shahid Afridi is the also the cousin of Javed Afridi who owns Haier, a well-known electronic company of Pakistan.Shahid Afridi (11)

Shahid Afridi – The legend:

Shahid Afridi have made a prominent image in the cricketing world by the talent he is blessed with. The 36 year old have set his class apart as a cricketer and have a long list of jaw-dropping achievements throughout his career.  Some of the most promising achievements of Shahid Afridi includes:

  • Highest number of wickets (97) in twenty20 international cricket.
  • Most ‘Player-of-the-Match’ awards by any international cricketer in T20Is.Shahid Afridi (2)

Some more about the amazing Shahid Afridi:

Calling khan an amazing batsman is not something to doubt on while on the other hand the cricketer considers himself as a better bowler than a batsman. Well it’s hard to decide whether the player is a good batsman or bowler, but apart from being judgmental on that note we all think he is an amazing cricketer allover.Shahid Afridi (3)

What’s up currently:

Lately, Pakistan is done with the Pakistan Super League having its final held on last Sunday. The Pakistani masses within the country or sitting abroad just couldn’t get over with the excitement of it. Out of five teams, Shahid Afridi‘s team – Peshawar zalmi won the tournament. Though unfortunately he was not the part of playing XI due to the unfortunate injury he received during semi finals with Karachi. But good news is that there is nothing serious and the legend will be able to get back on field after a rest of 15 to 20 days.

Retirement plan:

The Boom Boom has recently announced his retirement from international cricket leaving his fans in a sad state. However, the good news is that it’s not a final goodbye to cricket, as he will keep on playing different leagues for at least two more years.

Well, every player has to leave one day but having shahid afridi playing or not, the cricket all-rounder will always hold a special place in the history of cricket and in the hearts of every Pakistani.

 Shahid Afridi (1)   Shahid Afridi (4)Shahid Afridi Press Conference

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Shahid Afridi (7)Shahid Afridi in Zalmi Team

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Shahid Afridi (9)Shahid Afridi hot

Shahid Afridi (10)Shahid Afridi Pictures

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