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Smart Ways To Avoid Wire Clutters In Your Office




Wire clutter is the bane of the modern office. With several employees working on PCs, laptops, and several electronic devices, all one will see in the office are many cords snaking inside the premises! Wire clutter results from a lack of planning and placement of the electrical wiring system. A proper wiring system where the electrician keeps additional electrical outlets and concealed wiring ensures a no-clutter workplace.

Wire clutter diminishes the professionalism value of an office and poses a hazardous scenario at a workplace. The employees may trip over entangled wires, and water may spill on the exposed wires, which will cause short circuits and electrical shocks on the premises. As such, the office or an organization should adopt safe and secure ways to avoid entangled wires at the workplace.

Place Electrical Devices near Power Source

Electrical equipment like PCs, mobile charging points, laptops, and other appliances should be located near power sources. Identify the electrical outlets in the workplace and place the workstation near it so that there is no requirement of extension cords and cables across the floor. One can use surge protectors as additional outlets for plugging the devices.

 Effective Cable Pass-Through`

Implement easy and proper cable pass through in desks and workstations to avoid wire clutter. Cable pass-through is a small hole in a desk created for the cables to pass through. This way, employees don’t need to round up the flat cord power strip around the desk to supply their device. One can drill and grommet on the desk to create a cable pass-through. Many office furniture companies provide desks that already have proper cable pass-through to avoid any drilling and mending of the furniture piece.

Tie Velcro:

One can use Velcro strips to tie cables together in one place. Instead of having multiple wires one after another around the workstation, fastening them properly with a Velcro or clip will keep them in place, and employees wouldn’t trip and fall over them. One can also make adjustments easily by untying the Velcro. The surge protectors can also be attached with binder clips to keep them near the workstation.  Velcro or zippered cable sleeves are also best for efficient desk cable management in the office. A cable sleeve would hold all the wires cords together, and one can also add or remove cables on that sleeve later.

Label the Cables:

Countless wires around the workstation often confuse a person, to the extent that instead of plugging out the mobile charger, the person ends up plugging out the power supply to the desktop itself! As such, the person can label and color code the wires to avoid any confusion. Labels are terrific time-savers and helpful when there is an army of wires entangled on the ground.  One can also color-code them, like black color for the Ethernet cables, blue ones for the desktop power supply, and red ones for phone chargers. The labeling and the color-coded system would also ensure the workplace remains neat, clean, and attractive.

Go Wireless

This is one of the most efficient ways of avoiding wire clutter in the office. Remove the cables and go wireless! Organizations should opt for wireless chargers and ports which ensure the devices are also charged well, and there is no hassle of entangled wires and cables at the workplace. One can also use wireless devices like a wireless printer, keyboard, and mouse to make minimal wires at work.

Cable Management Solutions

Invest in an efficient cable management system that ensures the workplace is free from wires. The cable management system is the process of managing electrical and optical cables in a facility. The procedure removes the ‘cable spaghetti’ as the wire clutters are referred to and turns a messy workplace to a neat and organized cabling place. The management system aims to make the cabling system easier and efficient with cable trays and cable baskets to create a cable route in the facility.

Efficient Office Power Solutions

Today’s advanced tech world’s offices use desktop power solutions like in-desk power modules that significantly reduce the wire clutter worries. There are many desktop power modules available for offices like the conference room desktop modules and modular workstations. These intelligent office power solutions are widely used and have become increasingly popular in today’s workplace. 


Avoiding wire clutter will turn a messy workplace into an organized one and improve cable longevity. Any wire is fragile, and they erode with regular wear and tear in the workplace. A wire which witnesses frequent rubbing or bending on office chairs or under the foot will have a shorter lifespan.  Organizing wire would reduce the deterioration of the cables and ensure they live beyond their specified lifespan. It is essential to adopt preventive cable maintenance in the office to ensure a safe and secure workplace that faces no electrical hazards.

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