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Amsterdam (July 2020) Provisn has entered Beta. We aim to bridge the gap between new and seasoned traders in the crypto-sphere by providing the most advanced tools and market indicators, simplified, in a singular, all-in-one platform.

Provisn was initially built out of necessity. David La Melza, the founder, was tired of having 6 monitors with endless tabs open, constantly filtering through all the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to try and find what really mattered, and ultimately what would move the needle. In 2019, he started the project (self-funded) to create a solution. The platform needed the best tools, indicators, and anal4tics served up in real time, in one place, with a simplified UI/UX that anyone of any language or skill level could understand. It need  to be valuable for novice + expert traders alike. The platform would consist of up-to-the-minute detail across the entire crypto-landscape, include heaps of exclusive tools, and be a daily habit for anyone that wanted to keep their finger firmly on the pulse on market happenings.

Provisn delivers on that vision. Our goal is for subscribers to be able to navigate crypto with confidence. The4 will have the tools necessary to both profit and learn about the potential of the blockchain. Not only are we providing tools that are either too expensive or unknown to the average investor, we aim to be a one- stop-shop for all things crypto, producing high quality, high value content.

We build for the user. We are committed to staying agile and responsive to the community, to build the best product possible for the crypto trader, new and veteran.

“The immense potential and quality of life blockchain technologies are able to provide are not available for everyone, as the barrier to entry is very high,” said David La Melza. “We want to tear those borders down, and serve a warm community, helping individuals on their journey to financial freedom.”

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David La Melza

Chief Executive Officer

Provisn combines the most advanced indicators and tools in a singular, easy to understand dashboard.

Whether you’re new to crypto or a seasoned vet, Provisn is here to help you navigate the market with confidence.

…the barrier to entry is very high. We want to tear those borders down, and serve a warm community…”



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