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Taylor Swift doesn’t care about political critics – Music News




Taylor Swift couldn’t care less if people are upset about her political views, insisting she knows that speaking her mind is the right thing to do.

The pop star has been criticised in the past for staying away from politics, but that all changed last year (18) when she publicly endorsed a Democrat in her adopted home state, Tennessee, and now she’s speaking out about gay rights issues, demanding U.S. leader Donald Trump’s government passes a new Equality Bill to serve the LGBTQ community.

Her outspokenness has won her critics, but Taylor admits she has no problems with the fallout.

In a new BBC Radio 1 interview, the ME! singer says, “I wasn’t worried about backlash because at a certain point it’s about right and wrong. I think that this is the most imperative time in our political history, I think, in America. You know, you really can’t care at a certain point if you’re going to be honest about what you think and how you feel and what you believe in. You have to put it out there and just log off.”

And she admits her 2018 sexual assault trial against a disgraced radio host she accused of inappropriate behaviour at a meet and greet and her very public feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over his use of her name in his hit Famous have helped her become more outspoken.

“I think the things that happen to you in your life are the things that shape your political opinions and your willingness to discuss them,” she adds.

“I’ve had things happen in the last couple of years… all kinds of things that have really shaped how much it matters to say your experience, to speak your experience into the world and to stand up for things.”

During her appearance on Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Taylor performed new track London Boy and the title track of her new album Lover, as well as a cover of Phil Collins’ Can’t Stop Loving You.

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