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Viber Voice Calls Volume Up By 400% During Global COVID 19 Pandemic. Introduces New Features

Valentine Chinyem



The perils of the time are upon us. Even the blind can see and the deaf can hear the waking calls of the tragedy that has befallen the world. The Corona Virus Disease, otherwise known as COVID-19 has put immeasurable pain in the lives of people across continents. Every day, the story gets sadder as the numbers go up. 

Rakuten Viber, one of the world’s largest communication platforms, has increased its capacity for core features and created a number of initiatives around togetherness and positive mental attitude during the global COVID-19 outbreak. The result is a significant increase in usage worldwide.

In order to tackle this impending challenge and enforce a restoration to normalcy, many steps have been taken worldwide; the most prominent of them being the lockdown. Who’d have ever thought that one could make life better for the world just by staying at home and doing absolutely nothing? Ironically, that seems to be the case. Following through with the stay at home orders; governments around the world have given palliatives to residents in a bid to alleviate their sufferings and mitigate the hardship this pestilence has brought. 

The government’s generosity coupled with the curfews has caused quite a lot of shifts. Some people have been plunged into a quest of self-discovery,  relationships have seen a turnaround, and of course, the internet has been more active. These changes were reflected in a recent survey conducted by the well-known Rakuten Viber. 

The trending features, which apparently were mostly used are group messages and calls. Group calls received saw an average increase of 370% while the group messages sent saw an average increase of 134%. Also, community engagements saw a massive uprising with a whopping 78% increase. This has been attributed to the Washington News Post Initiative which has been included on the platform to broadcast updates on recent developments bordering on the global pandemic. 

Here is a breakdown of the statistical changes observed on Rakuten Viber since the outburst of the Corona Virus Disease:

  • Daily active grew by 18% in March.
  • Newly registered users increased by 25%. 
  • Duration of calls increased by 35%. 
  • Videos sent by users have increased by 75%. 

Commenting on the current changes, the CEO of Rakuten Viber, Djamel Agaoua, reassured users that the platform is more than ever dedicated to the improvement of relationships and enhancement of the user interface and functionality. In his words, “…we will continue enhancing their experience while keeping people connected freely and safely.”

With the following evident changes in the application, we can say that the promises of Djamel Agaoua aren’t mere whims.

Recent Changes on the Application 

  1. Messages have been sent to update users on WHO instructions and preventive measures to imbibe in tackling the epidemic. The messages have been translated to over 20 languages.
  2. A WHO bot has been developed in collaboration with UNICEF to disseminate updates on the Corona Virus as fast as possible. 
  3. A stay indoors campaign was launched in order to boost the level of compliance of users. 
  4. User communities were formed with indigenous health agencies to ensure only trusted info is circulated. 

About Rakuten Viber: At Rakuten Viber, we connect people. No matter who they are, or where they are from. Our global user base has access to a range of features like one-on-one chats, video calls, group messaging, and updates and discussions with their favorite brands and celebrities. We ensure our users have a secure and free environment to share their emotions.

Rakuten Viber is part of Rakuten Inc., a world leader in e-commerce and financial services. It is the official communication channel of FC Barcelona, and the official instant messaging and calling app partner of the Golden State Warriors.

Join Viber today and enjoy the world’s best communication experience.

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