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When to DIY and when is the right time to call a professional Plumber

Andrea Bell




You may face immense distress when you realize something is wrong with the plumbing system of your home. While sometimes you can resolve the issue yourself, at other times, you need to call a professional.

When people without plumbing skills take on a problem, they are more likely to exacerbate the damage. Therefore, don’t be overconfident and jump to rescue when you’re not educated on the matter.

The more technical knowledge you have about the functionality of plumbing systems, the better you can understand your issue. It is advisable to research about these systems as it will equip you with foresight. Only then will you be able to evaluate whether you need to get a professional involved or not.

Never underestimate how crucial a sound plumbing infrastructure is for your household!

Importance of a Sound Plumbing System

If you fail to maintain the water appliances, fixtures, and outlets in your home, they are bound to deteriorate gradually. Being careless with the plumbing infrastructure can never be beneficial for your home. After all, ignoring an open wound is more likely to attract infections. Similarly, ignoring issues that are to come is foolish.

If you ever detect an issue that you do not understand or which seems complex, hiring a professional is advisable. It is a sensitive problem, and the water damage that may arise due to heedlessness. Individuals who are from the Will and Kendall Counties of Illinois should contact Joliet plumbers.

When to Resolve The Issue Yourself?

Plumbing issues that you can efficiently resolve usually center around the toilet, drain, and faucets.

Usually, when there is an issue with the toilet, you can fix it yourself. You don’t have to suffer because of a low flush toilet for life. There is a range of secure solutions that you can implement without much ado. You have to go through these three components:

  1. Flapper
  2. Float
  3. Fill Valve

Without knowledge of these three components, you will not be able to resolve the issue.

Checking the flapper won’t be too difficult. In ordinary circumstances, this part begins malfunctioning over time. You have to open up the toilet bowl and assess the flapper. If it isn’t soft enough, you have a problem on your hand. You also need to ascertain whether the chain is connected with the flapper properly. You may need to shorten this chain if it is too long. When you check these both aspects, it will become apparent to you whether you need to replace it or not.


You need to fix issues like these, or else you will contribute to higher water wastage in the US. Ten percent of all homes in the US waste about 90 gallons of water due to household leaks. Don’t let yourself be a part of this because it is harmful to the environment.

If you have a clogged drain, you can use a homemade cleaner to unclog it. You will require ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, and salt. Don’t use chemical cleaners as they are very harsh and can excessively damage the drain.

If there is an issue with the faucet, there may be something wrong with the washer. All you have to do is open up the faucet and replace the washer. If you fail to do so promptly, you will face negative consequences. The spike in the water bill will leave you with a distaste.

When Is It The Right Time To Call a Professional Plumber?

Whenever you detect a more complex issue, don’t try to solve it yourself. Water damage is a serious business, and it comes with substantial financial risk. You may have to pay hundreds of dollars to solve a problem if it is allowed to grow excessively.

To become a professional plumber, apprentices have to fulfill 2,000 hours of paid on-the-job training. Apart from expertise, these people also have access to the right equipment, which is necessary to solve plumbing disasters.

If these issues are present at your home, it is highly advisable to get professional help immediately:

  1. There is no water flow in any of the plumbing fixtures. Plus, your neighbors report the same problem.
  2. The water heater is malfunctioning, and you are unable to enjoy warm showers. Only professionals know how to deal with the gas and electrical components properly.
  3. The water pressure is excessively low throughout the home. There may be something seriously wrong with the aerator, or there may be hidden blockages.
  4. The pipes are frozen and seem to have burst. If this is the case, you have to be swift because there is a possibility of significant water damage.

When people ignore severe issues like the ones mentioned above, they must regret afterward. There are so many reports of people having a home that has flooded because of burst pipes. Not only did they lose their belongings, but they also had to pay for property damages. You must protect yourself from similar circumstances.

While it is tempting to solve issues at home and save up on money, it isn’t always wise to do so. When amateurs attempt to solve complex problems, they worsen the negative consequences. Only those who know what they are doing and have some experience should venture on this task. Otherwise, you only have losses in store for yourself.

The Final Verdict

A well maintained and good plumbing infrastructure is excellent for the entire home. If you ever detect any issues with pipes, fixtures, or an outlet, you have to work towards a solution. Otherwise, you may face fatal consequences in the form of floor or health hazards.

You should ascertain the severity of an issue. When there is something incredibly wrong with the plumbing system, rely solely on the plumber to solve it. You don’t have the expertise or the right equipment to deal with the situation in the best way possible. Whatever you do, be proactive in these matters as time is crucial!

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