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Jeff Hardy A Famous WWE Professional Wrestler




Jeff Hardy was born in 1977, August 31st. He has a prominent life history with WWF and WWE. He is not only a professional wrestler but also a song writer, singer, painter and currently a musician. He has an elder brother name Matt Hardy who has been with him at early times. In 1986, Hardy’s mother died of brain cancer. He was nine years old back then. At the age of 13 he got his first bike Yamaha YZ 80 because of his interest in bikes. He was a basketball player too but he had to quit due to his injury while racing on a bike. He was a footballer and a wrestler as well in his school times. When asked to choose one profession among them Hardy chose wrestling and left playing football.

Jeff Hardy (1)Jeff Hardy crawling

More about Jeff Hardy:

Personal Life:

Jeff Hardy is a very close friend of Shannon Moore. Both have been together since 1987. He met Beth Britt in 1999. He had been in relation with her since then. In 2010, she got pregnant with Hardy’s child. Their daughter was born in 2010 named Ruby Claire. The couple got married in 2011. They got their second daughter named Nera Quinn Hardy in 2015.

Jeff Hardy (4)Jeff Hardy Career:

At first Jeff Hardy joined the federation TWF being run by his brother and friends. Later on they began working with various other companies. In 1994 he joined WWF as a jobber, and kept on working as a jobber till 1997. In 1998 Jeff Hardy signed his first major contract with WWF. In 1999 he won the first WWF Tag Team Championship against Acolytes. Their group was famous as Hardy Boyz. When Lita entered the group it was named as Team Xtreme.

In 1999 they won WWF’s first ever tag team ladder match. In 2001, Jeff Hardy beat Matt by pinfall at Vengeance. Jeff Hardy worked in WWE till 2003 then he did his first wrestling at OMEGA show. After that Hardy took a year off from wrestling and focused on motocross. In 2004 he joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. The contract lasted till June 2006 then Hardy returned rejoined WWE. He worked with WWE for four years and then returned to TNA wrestling.

Jeff Hardy – The Artistic Side:

Jeff Hardy has defeated many champions in various fights including Tripple H, RAW and many more. Since 2010 he has stayed with TNA in even in current year 2016. Jeff Hardy has renewed his contract with TNA. He has various interests besides wrestling which cannot be overlooked. He once constructed a statue named Neroameee. Jeff Hardy also once created a fake volcano. He also constructed his brother’s hand sculpture. He also plays guitar, does poetry, formed a band and what not?

Jeff Hardy (2)Jeff Hardy Achievements:

  • Jeff Hardy has achieved infinite championships. His single accomplishments include:
  • Six-time world champion which includes TNA World Heavyweight Championship three times
  • WWE Championship
  • WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship twice.
  • Intercontinental Championship four times
  • Light Heavyweight Championship
  • European Championship
  • Hardcore Championship three times,
  • Eighteenth Triple Crown Champion
  • Tenth Grand Slam Champion in the history
  • Between WWE and TNA, Jeff Hardy has won 23 total championships.

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